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MLK Jr. Message from Sarah Mensah, Blazers COO

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16 Smarter Ways to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Business

While most people think of LinkedIn as a glorified job search board, this social media site is actually an amazing business-to-business marketing tool.

Shifting election day to weekend poses problems, report says

It seems like a good idea. Why not move elections to the weekend in an effort to boost voter turnout?

But the Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress, has found challenges to the proposal. It could be difficult to find workers to staff polling places on weekends and locate replacements for some of the usual voting sites like churches.

Be Prepared for What You Don’t See Coming

Have you ever worked on a project that produced unexpected results? Unintended consequences are common in business. For example, sometimes when a senior manager makes a request, it causes a cascade of activity that is far beyond what she intended. The classic story (which may be an urban legend) involves a former Chairman of General Motors who casually commented to a staff member that he didn’t like the color of the buildings on campus — and inadvertently triggered an expensive (and totally unnecessary) repainting program.

Why small cities may have an advantage over larger cities in bicycle planning

First, their physical characteristics may be naturally more supportive of cycling or at least more easily modified. The smaller geographic scale of these cities means that a greater portion of the city is likely to be within distances reasonable for cycling. Lower population and employment densities than in urban centers generally mean lower traffic densities as well, creating more attractive conditions for cycling, provided that densities are not so low that distances between destinations are too great for cycling and car speeds are too high.

Dashboards a promise unkept — but were a hard promise to achieve

Tony Minghine, chief operating officer of the Michigan Municipal League, said hundreds of local governments scrambled to make dashboards publicly available by Oct. 1 and it’s “interesting” that state agencies have not done the same.

Inside the UGB

Suspension of streetcar plans put Lake Oswego on the clock to overhaul Foothills redevelopment

Mitt Romney racks up another Oregon endorsement with backing from Chris Dudley

Milwaukie Light Rail Petition Unlikely To Be Effective


Outside the UGB

Pot ban to remain in Sammamish

Police vote on concessions could save 56 jobs

Too much power for attorney general?

Herrera Beutler still has CRC concerns


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