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City of Tigard > Downtown Tigard > Going Green > Downtown Walking Map – Like the design? Have suggestions for improvements? You can provide feedback by taking The Intertwine Survey before April 15.

Covington Arts Commission Openings – Love Art? Join the City of Covington Arts Commission!

Help Alaska Airlines Establish New PDX-Washington National Nonstop Route – We hope you’ll support Alaska Airlines in an effort to receive permission from the U.S. Department of Transportation to launch a new nonstop route connecting Portland International Airport and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Clackamas County, Oregon – Clackamas County Commissioners invite the public to an open forum with the Clackamas County Commissioners Wednesday, April 4 at 5:30 in the Clackamas County Development Services Auditorium, 150 Beavercreek Road, Oregon City, on the Red Soils campus.


3 Ways to Become a Thought Leader – Take a personal approach to being recognized for your expertise among your colleagues.

 “Listening is the most important interview skill.” Why I hired you, Part 2 – Over the past three weeks we’ve covered why you didn’t get the job, and what you can do about the reasons that are within your control.


Cities Facing Shortfalls Turn To Pension Obligation Bonds – Local governments are increasingly borrowing money to cover their obligations — exploiting a loophole in federal law that allows them to issue taxable bonds without seeking voter approval.

Review Team Declares Financial Emergency In Detroit – Detroit’s financial review team has declared that the city “is under a financial emergency and no consent agreement between the city and state has been adopted.”

More Americans Living In Urban Areas Than In 2000 According To Census Data – Data shows California as the most urban state and North Carolina as the fastest growing state, whose population increased by 64.6% over the decade. The New York and Newark metro area remains the most populated area with 18.4 million residents.

Dancing With Big Technology – The downward spiral for traditional news organizations is showing signs of reversing, thanks to the surge in sales for smartphones and other digital devices. Increasing use of mobile devices is adding to the public’s news consumption appetite, says the Pew Research Center in its State of the News Media 2012 report.

Designing a City for the Deaf – A university in Washington is developing a model for how urban spaces can serve the hearing-impaired.

There Will Be No Public Hangings in This North Dakota Town – The mayor of Medora, Doug Ellison, explains his decision to drop the idea for fake executions.

Anxiety and Isolation: How Gated Communities Enable VigilantesAmerican City reports on the Trayvon Martin case, noting that “the setting of this tragedy may not have much bearing on the criminal investigation, the issue of place is something that should not evade public scrutiny. Martin was deemed ‘suspicious’ while walking in a gated community.”

Next American City » Buzz » Where the Broadband Isn’t: Looking at Connectivity in NYC – Though the New York metro area ranked close to the top on a recent study of broadband connectivity around the country, three of its five boroughs lag behind the rest of the state in getting households connected to the Internet. Unsurprisingly, cost is the major obstacle. But it isn’t everything.

The Most Important 6 Seconds of Your Career – How long will a job recruiter look at your resume? A study released yesterday says it’s often over in the blink of an eye.

How to Build a Successful Downtown Stadium – Coors Field, in downtown Denver, became home to baseball’s Colorado Rockies in 1995. Its impact on the city was as immediate as it was considerable: housing units in the area of the stadium doubled within a year of its completion, and retail and restaurant development experienced a similar boom.

Government’s Not Dead Yet –  The workers at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have the passion to tackle some of the country’s pressing problems.

Outside the UGB

Bill Bellamy

Judge Preliminarily Rules Against Costa Mesa in Charter Case

Pierce County to pay $850,000 to 3 Washam employees who claimed retaliation, misconduct by assessor-treasurer

U.S. urban population up 12.1% in decade

Oakland City attorney calls out city council members both officially and publicly to follow rules

Albany city manager to promote climate change initiative

Walden talks tech crimes, slates town hall meeting

White House opposes the Walden sponsored FCC reform bill

State auditors finds Oregon State Data Center secure, stable, makes recommendations

Race for the Legislature: House District 36 | Oregon Capitol News

Arvin’s Police Chief, City Manager air grievances

Christian school sues Ore. town over utility bills