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Making Volunteering More Popular By Making It More Relevant – Most opportunities for service involve painting schools or serving food. But many Americans have skills–accounting, design, communications–that would be incredibly valuable for nonprofits and would make their volunteering more rewarding.


Public Transit System Rankings from Walk Score – Public transit system rankings from Walk Score for the largest U.S. Cities.

The Innovation Whiteboard – What innovations have you made in your daily life? Whether it’s a gadget you’ve fashioned, or something less tangible, we want to hear about it. Your submissions will be published on and may be featured in the New York Times Magazine if our judges — Martha Stewart, James Dyson, Paola Antonelli and Ben Kaufman — select your idea. Submit now by clicking on the link below.


Five tips to becoming a better manager: Suggestions on grooming your inner leader – Are you a natural-born leader? Then you’re one of the lucky ones. Everybody else needs some help on the road to becoming an effective, accomplished manager.

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What We Have Here: A Failure To Communicate · OPB News – Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Skype, mobile phones, chat, instant messages and countless other tech advances, we’re more connected than ever.

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