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SMBC — Bookish shirt

Call for RSVPs: Economist Dr. Thomas Potiowsky, June 13 – ELGL is hosting a luncheon with former State Economist and current Chair of the Portland State Economics Department, Dr. Thomas Potiowsky. The discussion will be on the US recovery and the new economic environment. This information will be relevant to long-term local government revenues and anyone interested in budgeting.



Portland Development Commission deserves credit for improving its operations – Budget season at Portland City Hall often reveals city government’s tension points, seen in the past two weeks’ debate over utility rates.

A Primer on How to Create A Sound Social Media Policy – Companies, however, are still grasping to figure out the implications, especially with Corporate America’s rapid adoption of social media.


this maternity shirt is cute!  but i am not pregnant...so i'd like the skeleton on my belly to be a chicken wing.  or a can of spam!

HBR.org: Hire for Passion, Not Just Talent

Advantage employee: Worker confidence on the rise – Seattle’s current run of consecutive outstandingly beautiful weekends is not the only sunny news to hit the Puget Sound region in recent weeks. As the afternoons grow longer and the temperatures get warmer, there appears to be a gradual and sustainable return to normalcy in the job market, both locally and nationally.

OMG! More text speak creeping into business communications -When it comes to pet peeves, my list is long and ever growing, ranging from drivers who fail to use turn signals to people who read over your shoulder on the train.

Talent, Passion, and the Creativity Maze – We live in a world mad for talent. From Hollywood and sports to executive search firms and HR departments around the globe, everyone seeks that special mix of natural abilities and attitudes that will make performance pop.

Class of 2012: How we got our jobs after college! Many in the Class of 2012 find themselves without work after their college graduation. But those who landed jobs say internships are key.

Inside the UGB

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Outside the UGB

Anti Theft Sticker :D

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my, my, my

HOT ON PINTEREST: 5 PINNERS TO FOLLOW NOW – Pinterest never fails to provide us with tons of of inspiration, and we’ve noticed a few users that go above and beyond to share their photo finds. This week’s Hot On Pinterest brings you several new pinners that we think you should follow ASAP!

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