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City of Albany – The City is seeking volunteers from Albany city residents to fill one vacant seat on the Human Relations Commission for a term that will expire December 31, 2013.

City seeks new member for parks advisory commission – The city of Vancouver is seeking city residents to fill a midterm vacancy on the Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission.

Clackamas County Advisory Board Openings – Citizens interested in serving as members of any of the advisory groups currently conducting recruitment are requested to complete the following application form.


The Unintended Benefits of Measuring Performance – As Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality was rolling out performance measures in the past few months as a part of its outcome-based management effort, simply installing one of the measures had an immediate benefit.

Calif. city offers mixed picture of life after bankruptcy as others tip toward insolvency – Vallejo has emerged from bankruptcy with a newfound commitment to community involvement that is exemplified by upbeat residents like Dodson and a local government now focused on innovation. But the financial fixes envisioned when the city filed in 2008 haven’t all materialized, and Vallejo continues to operate in the red.

Small N.C. town seeks post-textile turnaround It’s midafternoon, and nothing is moving in this onetime textile mill town 50 miles northwest of sprawling Army installation Fort Bragg. Many of the downtown storefronts are vacant; others are closed, a reflection of the bleak local economic reality, which is an unemployment rate that’s higher than the state average.

Writing the Rules for Smart Cities  – There still isn’t a common language or science of cities for the 21st century, but that could change.

14 Keys To Building People Friendly Communities – Ideas about creating sustainable places where people actually want to live.


Reflections on Inspiring Women in Public Administration Conference – The 36 year hiatus after the first women’s conference has almost been forgiven as the second “Inspiring Women in Public Administration Conference” in two years displayed real potential for the conference to become a nationally-recognized and attended annual event.

Ditch these 5 business writing mistakes – I love writing, and I love all the “rules” that come with it. And though I get that copyediting my tweets and Facebook posts before I share them with the world is a bit much for most people, I think there are a few writing rules we should all follow—especially at work.

What to Do When Your Intern Is a Dud – We’re about midway through summer, and your fresh-faced intern has turned out to be a disappointing dud. Now what?

How to Make Sense Out of Irrational Behavior – Have you ever wondered why perfectly sensible, rational, and intelligent colleagues resist or reject perfectly sensible, rational, and intelligent ideas? Obviously it’s not because they are stupid. There is just something going on that we don’t realize.

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8 types of images brands should never share on Instagram or Pinterest – A recent post from Oreo taught us that when you post something controversial, you have to understand the consequences—negative or positive. But there are certain things that no brand should ever commit to posting on the image-reliant social sites Instagram and Pinterest. Some will make you say “duh,” but others may come as a surprise.

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