Help Us Go from Oregon to North Carolina (after a pit stop in Texas)

Oregon to TX to NC

We want to take our talents to Charlotte! You’ve already seen the social media presentation pitch ELGL Pitching Social Media Session on ICMA Call for Ideas now we are putting another pitch out there, which takes our SGR presentation to the ICMA Conference in North Carolina.

Using the same platform hosted by Granicus vote for both of our topics and get ELGL on the agenda twice in Charlotte.  For those of you that want even more ELGL action at ICMA, ELGL is planning on co-hosting a happy hour at the ICMA conference with the UNC-ICMA chapter.  Here’s the second session that ELGL pitched to ICMA.  We encourage all ELGL members to go onto the Granicus site and “like” both ideas so they have better chances of being selected for the conference.

Developing Emerging Leaders in Your Organization

“The impending Baby Boomer retirement wave makes this the perfect time for you to cultivate and develop the next generation of leaders for your organization.

Ben, Kent, and Kirsten will share some practical examples of how you can embrace the unique talents of your Gen X/Millennial workforce to ensure your organization can withstand the “sliver tsunami.”

They’ll also share the communications tools, work plans, and project assignments that will give the developing talent in your organization a chance to shine while also providing you with work outputs that benefit your organization.

And, they’ll share information about how you can connect and develop emerging leaders in your region with affiliation with the Emerging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) network, a grassroots local government organization dedicated to cultivating the next generation of local government managers.”

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