07.03.14 Your Morning Buzz

Good morning! Today we take a look at fracking in Nevada, wildfires in California, and the tiniest little libraries you’ll ever see in Oklahoma City. On Fourth of July Eve, we know you’ll be having a hard time focusing on work today, rather than the long weekend ahead of (most of) you. Don’t worry, we have your productivity motivation right here in the Morning Buzz.


The ELGL Vision: Connect. Communicate. Educate

Happy Hour With Mark Funkhouser, Publisher of GOVERNING MAGAZINE

07.01.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (SCOTUSBlog Remix)

Sustainability Chat with Portland Mayor Hales and Indianapolis Mayor Ballard

The Newsroom with Shawn Patrick Floss

Presentation: Social Media in Local Government

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YouTube on a Budget – July 10

Webinar: Bringing Google Fiber to Kansas City – July 17

Micronetworking: Working with Architects – July 23

Webinar: Smart Cities – July 31

Sustainability Chat with Mayor Charlie Hales & Mayor Greg Ballard – July 31

Transaction Wire

Chico Names New City Manager

Hudson City Set to Appoint New City Manager

Whittier Hires Another City Manager

Sherrill Names Michael Sayles New City Manager

City of Rio Dell Selects New City Manager

Ragel to Leave City Hall After Nine Years

New Superintendent Takes Over Battle Ground District

High 5

1. Detroit Seeks Kwame Kilpatrick Records in Bankruptcy Proceedings. Detroit bankruptcy lawyers have subpoenaed several key players in the $1.4 billion deal that was celebrated to the time but eventually contributed to the City’s financial woes.

2. Outer Banks Gets Ready for Arthur. The first hurricane of the season in the Atlantic Ocean is due to hit shore. Communities up and down the shore are closing their beaches for the 4th of July weekend and preparing to weather the storm.

3. In Tract 10.01, There’s More to the Story Than Just Poverty. According to statistics Census Tract 10.01 is an area of deep economic stress but residents have a different take, citing a real sense of community as a valuable asset in their community; an asset lacking in most places.

4. Kevin Johnson: Cities 3.0 – A New Era. Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson spoke at the US Conference of Mayors about the challenges facing cities and how cities of the future will adapt to face them. Johnson painted the city of our era as a hub of innovation driven by technology.

5. Anti-Fracking Win in NY Court May Deal a Blow to Industry. A court ruling in New York State held that Cities and Towns can block hydraulic fracking in their communities. Some experts say that the decision in new York may lead to similar cases in other states.

50 Nifty

What Caused Portland’s MAX Meltdown During Monday Morning Commute? A “power issue” was at the root of the problem but exactly what that issue was is unclear.

Napa Blaze Underscores Fire Danger in Drought-Stricken California. In just 6 month Cal Fire has battled 2,715 fire, which puts this season soundly above average.

Anti-Fracking Suit Tries to Block Nevada Drilling. The rural Nevada group challenging the oil and gas leases because of the threat to local wildlife. The group says developers and the US government have underestimated the impact.

USDA Giving Up to $50 Million for Red River Conservation. The funding will come over the next 5 years and will be distributed through several conservation programs to be used to limit flooding, improve water quality and enhance the environment.


After Williamette Heights Deal, Preservationists Say City Cab’t Rely on Citizens to Preserve Portland’s Character. Tuesday preservationists stopped the demolition of a historical home in a Portland neighborhood but they say there is more work to be done.

THPRD, Beaverton School District Finalize Land Purchase to Expand Cedar Hills Park. The 1.7 acre parcel is directly adjacent to Cedar Hills Parks.

City Road Plan Still Stuck in the Mud. Residents in Portland are grappling with the cost of new streets.

Marijuana Legalization Moves Closer to the Ballot. Could Oregon be following in the footsteps of Washington and Colorado?


Washington’s Class Size Initiative Signatures Ready. Sponsors of an initiative in WA limiting class sizes in every grade got more than 325,000 signatures.

North Bonneville High on Pot’s Potential. The rural community is looking to cash in on Washington’s new recreational marijuana laws.

Silverton Downtown Getting Bike Friendly. Silverton makes moves to improve biking infrastructure to encourage biking downtown.

Seattle Public Schools Invest big Money in Start Time Study. Does starting later mean that teens will get better grades and be happier? Seattle Public Schools are launching a study to find out.

Pure Midwest

Fun-Raising Efforts Looks to Save Detroit Stars Stadium. The Negro League team played a big part in Detroit’s history. Residents are trying to preserve that history for years to come.

Emmanuel Super PAC Get Nearly $1 Million in One Day. Some of Emmanuel’s biggest donor rallied to contribute $950,000 in one day for his 2015 bid.

“Zero Fatalities” Program Launches as Lt. Governor Encourages Roadway Safety An ambitious program in Iowa looks to make commutes safer.

Milwaukee Housing Authority Education Program Builds Success. The Housing Authority Program launched in 2005 and has yielded results for the City.

South by Southwest

Some Fret Over Plans for Bus Line on Wesleyan. Residents are concerned the new bus line will bring more traffic to an already congested area.

Dallas Legal Community Bracing for an Influx of Immigration Cases. The number of unaccompanied children crossing the border from Mexico is reaching new heights, officials say.

Little Free Libraries Open New Chapter for Bringing Books to Oklahoma City Neighborhoods. The libraries are free-standing, handcrafted, water resistant structure with books for anyone to borrow.

As Tempe Promotes Biking, so do its Businesses. The City of Tempe has taken great lengths to promote cycling within its limits but now business are getting on board with the efforts.


NC House Gives Initial OK to Coal-Ash Bill. The bill would allow Duke energy to extend a 15-year timetable to close their coal-ash ponds, which experts say are a threat to the environment and residents alike.

Cobb Judge Recuses Himself in Braves Stadium Bond Proceedings. The Superior Court Judge recused himself in order to avoid any appearance of impropriety because of his service with the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce.

Evacuation Ordered for Island on Outer Banks. Residents were told they needed to evacuate in the face of the first hurricane of the season.

Should Raleigh Charge Shoppers for Using Plastic Bags? City Councilman Bonner Gaylord put out the idea of charging 5 to 10 cents per bag in an email to staff.

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