Today’s Buzz features a departure from business as usual for Whole Foods, the U.N.’s opinion on Alaska and Oregon legalizing pot, and Ron Swanson’s homemade emojis. Read on and enjoy!


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Why Whole Foods is moving into one of the poorest neighborhoods in Chicago: The company parodied as ‘Whole Paycheck’ tests its own business model, potentially changing the way low income residents eat. Whole Foods is gambling that it can tailor its high-priced brand to a low-income market. It’s gambling that it can create customers out of people who out of necessity have long shopped at corner stores and Save-A-Lot. It’s gambling that it may even change what some of them eat.

Does Airbnb Impact the Affordable Housing Market? Despite launching in 2008, only recently cities such as New York City, San Francisco, and Portland have embraced this new hotelier and passed ordinances to ensure regulations and hotel tax collection. According to a report produced by the New York State Attorney General’s office and released in October of 2014, “at least 4,600 units were booked in 2013 for at least three months. Of these, nearly 2,000 were booked for a cumulative total of over six months; the percentage of host revenue from units booked as short-term rentals for more than half the year increased steadily, accounting for 38% of the site’s revenue by 2013. The report summary cites this as evidence that ‘short-term rentals are displacing long-term housing options.'”

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Nick Offerman’s wooden emoji are far superior to all other communication: Nick Offerman believes in good, old-fashioned communication. Especially when it comes handcrafted in solid oak.

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