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Are Pardons Becoming More Politically Acceptable? Gubernatorial pardons have been in decline since the 1980s, but that appears to be changing as views evolve on rehabilitation and drug offenses.

Texas Has a Very Complicated Cupcake Policy When newly elected Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced on Monday that his first official act was to grant amnesty to cupcakes, he said he wanted to make sure Texans knew that state rules that once banned such treats from classrooms were repealed last summer. But cupcakes have actually been allowed at school parties in Texas for a decade.

Add NYC to the List of Cities Banning Plastic Foam Containers Take-out food packaging will look a little different in New York City after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Thursday a ban on plastic foam containers and packing peanuts.



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This Smart Pedal Will Hunt Down Bike Thieves  San Francisco recently rolled out a bunch of “bait bikes,” innocent-looking cycles with hidden transmitters that lead cops to a thief’s doorstep.

Will Shoes One Day Generate Renewable Energy? The average American takes nearly 2 million steps each year. What if there was a way to turn this plodding into renewable energy?

What Your Personality Has to do with Your Neighborhood It’s a well-worn sociological truth that the neighborhoods in which we live can have a powerful effect on our lives. But how do our neighborhoods affect our overall happiness and well being? And what might they reflect about our underlying personalities?

What Caused D.C.’s Deadly Metro Incident? A tunnel on the D.C. metro filled with smoke Monday afternoon, killing one woman and sending more than 80 people to hospitals. The Washington Post reported it took about 40 minutes before firefighters could evacuate the trapped passengers from inside six subway cars.

Thank Your Mentor Day January 15 Many Americans will reach out to thank or honor those individuals who encouraged and guided them and had a lasting, positive impact on their lives.

Counties Lag Behind National Recovery, Report Finds A new National Association of Counties’ report depicts an economic recovery that hasn’t yet been realized at the local level in much of the country.

Governments Making it Easier for Citizens to Know the Law Once tightly controlled by commercial publishers, legal codes are becoming more accessible online, thanks to the open data movement.

Just Because You Can’t Find a Place to Park Doesn’t Mean There Aren’t Way Too Many Parking Spots A new analysis of 27 mixed-use areas finds that parking in U.S. metro areas is, on average, oversupplied by 65 percent.

Every City Needs Vancouver’s Ban on Food Scraps To kick off 2015, Vancouver has resolved to eliminate food products from its waste stream entirely.


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Local Government Confidential

As Governor Brown touts California’s “Comeback,” Another City Mired in Fiscal Scandal Californians are starting 2015 with a fresh round of new taxes and the inauguration of Democrat Jerry Brown for an unprecedented fourth term as California’s governor. As part of his inaugural address, Brown derided critics of the state’s current economy, and conjured up a fantasy of balanced budgets and robust employment, however, Pasadena is not doing as good as imagined.