Good morning an welcome to you Friday Morning Buzz. Today we get a Street Fee update in Portland, some tips on how to survive being a pedestrian, and a look at maps for the blind. I hope you’re all ready for the Conference Championship games this weekend. Go Packers!

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We’re Buzzing

Is “Safe” Road Design Killing Bicyclists and Pedestrians? Bicyclist and pedestrian deaths were up 6% in 2012. Was the culprit our road designs? Rep. Rick Lason thinks so. He has sent a letter to the GAO requesting a formal study into what is contributing to the increase.

Many Cities are Creating Policies Apart from Their States. We have already seen cities move on issues like the minimum wage when Federal and State governments have not. Is there more action coming down the pipeline? Tension may be emerging between Republican controlled State legislatures and their Democratic cities.

New Yorkers to NYPD: Don’t Turn Your Backs on de Blasio. 69% of New Yorkers says that officers should not have turned their backs on the Mayor during the funerals for two New York Police Officers killed in the line of duty.

Obama Plans to Push Paid Family and Sick Leave for Workers. The President will direct all federal agencies to give their employees up to six weeks of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child. He is also calling on Congress to create an incentive fund designed to push States toward doing the same.



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50 Nifty

 Street Fee Off the Table. After 9 months of contentious discussion, Mayor Charlie Hayes has tabled the issue.

Hundreds at Capitol Protest New Gun-Purchase Background Checks. Hundreds of pro-gun enthusiasts flooded Olympia Thursday in opposition to new restrictions.

San Lose Loses Appeal Over Athletics Move. The lawsuit was filed in 2013 as an effort to bring the squad to San Jose.

Gov. Rick Perry Delivers Farewell Speech to Texas, Hello to National Stage. The speech came Thursday in the Texas State Legislature.

Hutchinson Says He’ll Release Proposed Budget Next Week. Arkansas’ Governor is expected to roll out his budget next week; delays in tax cuts may be on the docket.

Poll: Majority of Utahns Favor Payday Loan Reforms. Reforms would place a limit on the amount of payday loans a person can take out.

Local Government Confidential

West Hollywood Switches to Gender-Neutral Restrooms. The move was made in response to a new City law prohibiting gender identifications.

Mead Schools Hoping Voters Pass $69.5 Million Facilities Improvement Bond. The bond will help the district meet state standards for class sizes in the future.

Area Leaders Continue ‘After Ferguson’ Discussion. The Houston Police Chief and two former officials took the stage last night to talk police issues.

Take a Bow

Making Better Maps for the Blind. We love maps. Maps. Maps. Maps.