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The Nepal Earthquake Moved the Whole City of Kathmandu 10 Feet Last Saturday’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal devastated Kathmandu and nearby areas, killing thousands. It also moved the city 10 feet south, according to experts.

Baltimore Libraries Stay Open through Riots You can find more than books at the Baltimore public library, as all branches remained open and fully staffed in the wake of protests and riots that have rocked the city.

Your Tough Job Might Help Keep you sharp It’s just Wednesday, but maybe you’re already crashing. You’ve got three deadlines to juggle, your boss is breathing down your neck and Lilith from Finance is being a total pain. Here’s a bit of research that might reassure you it’s all worth it.




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Santa Monica, California Wrestles with Airbnb Regulations City officials are considering a measure that would ban most of the vacation rentals listed on Airbnb and websites like it, and set up strict new restrictions for those who want to rent out space.

Rent will remain too damn high for the Foreseeable Future Homeownership is on the decline, leading to a scramble for rentals.

L.A.’s Love/Hate Relationship with Waze Continues One councilmember is pushing the city to partner with the app to reduce congestion on residential streets.

A Better Plan for the Other Side of the Tracks On the “wrong side of the railroad tracks” from downtown, the East End of Garland, Texas, has significant potential to revitalize. A new plan shows how infrastructure investments could help raise property values closer to those in the adjacent downtown, which are three times higher.

For Bike-Share Equity, Convenience Is Key New recommendations for building accessible systems suggest more stations in low-income neighborhoods—and more density in general.

Transportation Safety Board: Chicago Trains Need Update A decades-old CTA safety system that can trigger a train’s brakes in an emergency should be replaced by smart technology that detects potential danger much earlier, the National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday as part of its report into the Blue Line crash at the O’Hare station last year.

At RSA Conference 2015: Government Announcements Top Highlights “… Security researchers at Cisco have found that 75 percent of all attacks only take minutes to begin exfiltrating data, and more than 50 percent of attacks persist for months or years before they are discovered. …”

What People Want from Police Departments Tensions between police and the citizens they serve continue to concern Americans, as illustrated in the latest incident resulting in riots in Baltimore Monday.

New York Approves Cooperative Arrangement New York state has approved a contract for Toro equipment through The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN) for use by all state agencies and other authorized users. The state approved the pact on April 13. The new agreement provides state agencies with competitive pricing for Toro products.


 Local Government Confidential

Commentary: The Mass Exodus of Coastal North County’s City Managers Over the last five months, four of our five coastal North County, California cities have lost their city managers — and the partings in three of the cases have not exactly been amicable.

Portsmouth, Virginia City Manager and City Attorney Ousted A Portsmouth spokeswoman confirmed city council members fired City Attorney George Willson Tuesday night. During the same meeting, council members voted to move up the resignation of Interim City Manager John Rowe.

Park Ridge, Illinois City Manager Receives ‘below average’ Performance Review City Manager Shawn Hamilton received a final score of 67.6 percent — classified on the evaluation form as “below average” performance — when he was graded by five of seven aldermen and the city clerk. The scores were shared during an April 27 Committee of the Whole meeting where aldermen agreed not to offer Hamilton a bonus in pay.