Mixing In Perfect Harmony with SeeClickFix

Get to know the sponsors behind the joint ELGL & ICMA event at this fall’s ICMA Conference. Mixing in Perfect Harmony will only be possible because of these generous organizations so get to know them and take this chance to register for the event! First up… SeeClickFix.



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ELGL was first introduced to SeeClickFix as a part of the #ELGLinnovation webinar series. We learned about the app they created that empowers citizens to report problems and issues directly to their local government. Everything from potholes, to noise complaints and graffiti can be reported via the app with a short description and picture.

govloveThe power of this kind of smartphone app is not just in mobilizing your citizens to help your organization find issues in the community, but it’s also a great communications tool. Citizens can see in real time how the issue they reported gets handled and solved by their government. The company has also started looking at ways their app can be used in emergency situations. So when the next Superstorm Sandy hits, governments can learn about issues like downed power lines more quickly.

If we weren’t already big fans of SeeClickFix after learning about all of that, they are also the brains behind GovLove, a podcast about local government. Now ELGL has partnered with SeeClickFix to produce more GovLove episodes, so we can release an episode every week.

Mixing in Perfect Harmony

Nearly 100 of the 500 spots are reserved for the Mixing in Perfect Harmony event. The event is free but registration is required. HUGE thanks to SeeClickFix for their innovation in local government and for supporting this ELGL and ICMA event.

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