Civic Leaders: Silver Tsunami Comes Ashore

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Heather Johnston, GFOA President and Burnsville, MN City Manager

Is your agency ready for the coming changes?

Today’s Q2U follows up on our recent interview episode with Heather Johnston, GFOA President and Burnsville, MN City Manager. She had this to say about the coming management crisis in local government:

“We have a lot of people who are retiring and with those retirements there is a loss of knowledge. Along with that we’ve got a new generation that we have to make sure that we are helping them understand the exciting opportunities that are available [in] government, especially the local government level. I think it’s our challenge to be able to recruit and retain that new generation, help them understand why what we do is so exciting and why they have so many different opportunities to be creative, to be innovative and to really make an impact on their community.”

Our question to you. Does your agency foresee a similar crisis? And if so, what are you doing to ensure that valuable knowledge, skills and leadership aren’t lost in the transition?

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One comment on “Civic Leaders: Silver Tsunami Comes Ashore

  • Mike_Ekey says:

    10 years ago the nursing sector/industry in healthcare recognized their own incoming Silver Tsunami and made drastic changes at the educational level to ensure that the US had enough nurses to staff our hospitals. Might be an interesting place to look for case studies when trying to answer this question for the public sector.

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