What Is Your Agency Doing to Become More Transparent?

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What is the best way to move forward?

Today’s Q2U follows up on our recent interview episode with former South Orange NJ Mayor @AlexTorpey. While discussing transparency in local gov, here’s what he had to say:



…if our goal is a less-corrupt government, if our goal is a more accountable government, if our goal is a more-accessible government and our goal is a more-engaged citizenry, how do we accomplish those goals? For example, making certain public information available online, making budgets more available, making information available about how the government works–certainly should all be things that any member of the public should have access to…I use email all the time–I don’t pick up govt transparencythe phone to talk to people as much as someone who might be of a different generation might prefer the phone–I don’t really like talking on the phone; I’d rather talk in person, do a [google] hangout if possible–which not very many people in government do; or send an email–which is usually quicker, especially if you’re a part-time Elected Official and you’re working another job and you can’t pick up the phone when you’re in another office. If all those emails are public information, then there’s not really an opportunity for people to throw an idea out there and experiment with something because now that’s a public record that has been created…I think that it’s worth having a conversation about what Open Government should be in what it means and is there a right way to do it and is there a wrong way to do that and what will help us accomplish those goals that I mentioned.

Our question to you. What is your agency doing to become more transparent? What do you see as the pros and cons of greater government transparency? What should responsible, effective and fair transparency look like?

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