Today’s Buzz features pre-peeled oranges, $1 billion for bike highways in Norway, and a delusional judge in Seattle who thinks 3 and 4 year olds can represent themselves in court. Oh boy. Happy weekending!

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Can a 3-year-old represent herself in immigration court? Judge in Seattle case thinks so: A senior Justice Department official is arguing that 3- and 4-year-olds can learn immigration law well enough to represent themselves in court, staking out an unconventional position in a growing debate over whether immigrant children facing deportation are entitled to taxpayer-funded attorneys.

Norway Will Spend Almost $1 Billion on New Bike Highways: Not bad for a country of 5 million people.

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‘Everybody Stretches’ Without Gravity: Mark Kelly Talks About NASA’s Twins Study: “We’re going to need to understand this really well before we decide to send people to Mars on an extended mission,” Mark Kelly tells NPR’s Renee Montagne on Morning Edition. For the study, he acts as a control to compare to his twin, who broke the U.S. record for longest space journey.

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Race: A Cheat Sheet: Can Trump be stopped? And if so, is it better for Republicans to clear the field, or to keep as many candidates in as possible?

Would You Buy a Pre-Peeled Orange? On Whole Foods, convenience products, and the outrage culture that just united them

Local Gov Confidential

Virginia Beach Official Says Millennials ‘Can Move to Norfolk’ If They Like Transit So Much: The city’s treasurer says young people seeking a light-rail “freebie” should look elsewhere.

LAPD confirms bizarre story about knife found on O.J. Simpson’s former property: The Los Angeles Police Department on Friday confirmed the existence of a knife found years ago on the Brentwood property that once belonged to former NFL great O.J. Simpson, who in 1995 was acquitted in the stabbing death of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ron Goldman.

The U.S. Neighborhoods Without Water, Sewers, or Building Codes: Low-income residents bought cheap land outside of border cities decades ago. But the promised infrastructure never came.

What’s behind the homeownership dip in a booming DFW market? More people own houses than ever before in North Texas. So why has there been a marked decline in the rate of homeownership?

As state law passes, the fight for affordable proximity moves to Portland City Hall: After years of fighting, a “grand bargain” on affordable housing passed Oregon’s legislature this week. But it won’t begin shaping Portland’s bikeable neighborhoods until after the city council takes action of its own.