Today’s Buzz features the death of the political bumper sticker, Costco’s higher wages, and the great Vancouver exodus. Today’s buzz pays homage to Mythbusters, which had its last ever episode yesterday.


Right Now with Ian Davidson

What I’m Doing: Playing train with my niece

What I’m Watching: The last MythBuster episode

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We’re Buzzin’

First Audio Recordings From the Bottom of the Mariana Trench are Nightmare Fuel: Deep rumbles, unearthly moans, high pitched screeching: these are but a few elements of the alien soundscape researchers have now recorded for the first time at Challenger Deep, the deepest known valley on the seafloor.

The Slow Death of the Political Bumper Sticker: It’s election season, which means an uptick in the number of car bumpers declaring their drivers’ political allegiances. The application of the political sticker is a ritual I know well: When I was younger, one of my first purposely political acts was to cover the bumper of my used 1991 Toyota Corolla with progressive-minded messages.


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50 Nifty

Was a USDA scientist muzzled? The government says he behaved unprofessionally. He says he was disciplined in an effort to suppress his science.

Fighting Cancer By Putting Tumor Cells On A Diet: While genetic mutations are nearly ubiquitous in cancer, they may not always be the driving force for disease, some researchers say. They suggest looking at disruptions in cellular metabolism.

What Costco’s New Wages Say About the Health of the American Economy: On Thursday, Costco announced that it will be raising wages for both new and current entry-level workers in the U.S. and Canada. The raise is small—$1.50 extra per hour—but it means that Costco will be paying workers at least $13 an hour, up from $11.50.


Local Gov Confidential

L.A. Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Opens Today: All Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) Gold Line riders will enjoy complimentary rides on Saturday to celebrate the opening of the $1 billion, 11.5-mile Gold Line Foothill Extension in the San Gabriel Valley.
Bill Hobson, Seattle homeless advocate, dies: Bill Hobson, whose fierce advocacy provided shelter for thousands of Seattle’s homeless, has died. “There is no such thing as a throwaway person,” he said.

More than 100 people gather in Portland in memory of LaVoy Finicum: The rallies are intended to spread awareness of the arrests of 25 refuge occupiers as well as to gather signatures for an investigation into Finicum’s death.

The Great Vancouver Exodus: Why I’m Almost Ready to Leave the City: It was one of those Sundays in early January when you wake up to bright, stark sunlight streaming through your blinds. My fellow Vancouverites might know the one. It’s been grey and dreary for months.

Sanctuary Cities Are Here to Stay: Nearly seven months ago, the U.S. Department of Justice implemented a small procedural shift in the way it releases federal inmates who are tagged for deportation. Now, when those inmates have warrants out in any state or locality, federal immigration authorities have the first right to detain them and immediately begin deportation proceedings, even before the state or local matter is adjudicated.