Webinar: What Local Governments Get Wrong About Websites

Webinar: What Local Governments Get Wrong About Websites

ELGL columnist Ashley Fruechting (Vision Internet) invites members to attend this upcoming webinar.

Nearly every local government organization has a website, but a recent survey revealed only 34% of local government staff believe their websites are highly effective. Why is that?

Join us for an interactive webinar to explore 5 common misconceptions that prevent local governments from getting the most from their websites. Our featured panel of local government leaders will discuss their first-hand experiences, addressing topics like:

  • What department should manage the website?
  • How should you decide what information to publish?
  • What role should social media play?

Register for the Webinar – Thursday, March 31, 2016, 9:00am PDT/ 12:00pm EDT


Justin Heyman, Director of Information Technology, Franklin Township, New Jersey

Erin Bryce, Community Outreach Manager, City of North Port, Florida

Steven Wright, Director – Office of Public Information & Communications, City of Mesa, Arizona

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