Welcome to the broadcast.  This morning we first, look at the ignition of interest in local government by the next generation of leaders.  We follow that with a look at pre-peeled oranges, the value of cultural review in historic preservation in St. Louis, a city’s fight against a topless bar, and more.  The next generation of leaders in local government, pre-peeled oranges, and historic preservation, next.

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Igniting the Flame: How Local Governments Are Sparking Interest In Tomorrow’s Leaders (featuring several ELGL members!)

Heroin Epidemic Increasingly Seeps Into Public View: As heroin use soars, people are routinely being found unconscious in public places like the bathrooms of fast-food restaurants, libraries and churches.

Could Urban Farms Be the Preschools of the Future?: Under the distant gaze of a city skyline, cows and chickens wander through rows of sprouting vegetables; clear glass greenhouses dot the periphery. It sounds like an ordinary urban farm, but on this particular site, the wardens are toddlers.

How Donald Trump scrambles the general election map: If Donald Trump’s coalition carries him to the GOP nomination, it could produce a crazy-quilt general election that scrambles the conventional wisdom about the battleground state map.



50 Nifty

Politician Says He Was Staple-Gunned In The Head By Opponent’s Supporters: He alleges he asked them to stop stapling his opponent’s posters at his campaign headquarters, and things got out of hand.

Students Petition To Cancel Trump’s Chicago Campaign Stop At UIC: A MoveOn petition calling for the protest’s cancellation has drawn 40,000 signatures, but UIC is standing firm.

Tiny Marshall Islands Taking On 3 World Nuclear Powers In Court: The archipelago, which was the site of dozens of U.S. nuclear tests in the 1940s and ’50s, is suing India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom at the International Court of Justice.

Pre-Peeled Oranges: What Some Call ‘Lazy’ Others Call A ‘Lifesaver’: A photo of Whole Foods’ plastic-packaged peeled oranges went viral on Twitter, prompting outrage about environmental waste. Who the heck needs this? People with disabilities say they do.

A $50 Million Plan to Get Cities Thinking About Driverless Cars: Given all the advances being made in driverless cars, America’s cities have been startlingly slow to incorporate the technology into their plans. A recent analysis found that, as of mid-2013, just one of the 25 largest U.S. metropolitan planning organizations bothered to mention autonomous vehicles in its long-term outlook—that single nod coming in a brief sidebar. But dangle up to $50 million out there for a futuristic transport vision and it’s amazing how quickly things change.

Flint’s Democratic Debate Felt More Like a Town Hall: It’s pretty common for voters to appear on American presidential debates, querying candidates about jobs and healthcare to lend the televised production a down-to-earth sensibility. But during Sunday night’s Democratic Presidential Debate in Flint, Michigan—where a lead-in-water crisis brewing for nearly two years is far from resolution—questions from Flint locals gave the night an unusual sense of urgency.

A 14-Year Scuffle Over Ugly News Racks Might Be Winding Down: In 2011, a Wall Street Journal columnist prowled the city in a Zipcar, looking for newspaper racks gone rogue. He was tagging along with local activists who viewed the plastic periodical holders as a “scourge” on the streets. They stalked up to racks in front of Papaya King, home of the cheapie hot dog, prying open box after box to snap photos of garbage furtively squirrled away inside. The writer recounted how, when nearby garbage cans were overflowing, patrons took to stuffing their “syphilitic contents” straight into the empty news racks.

Demolition of landmark Irish church in St. Louis prompts cultural preservation debate: Alderman says preservation should go beyond European history, and reflect broader cultures.

Sinquefield contribution to e-tax fight tops $1.4 milllion: Wealthy donor appears to be the lone funder of anti-tax group.

LocalGov Confidential

Silex aldermanic president arrested after allegedly missing sex offender registry deadline: David Wayne Heimburger, 49, was convicted of fondling a 10-year-old girl in Pinellas County, Fla., in 1987, police say.

In court and at City Hall, University City moving Monday to strip topless bar license: Landlord threatening legal action as well.

Longtime St. Louis excise commissioner fired: Robert W. Kraiberg had held job since 1986.

Jennings mayor’s impeachment hearing continues Tuesday: Testimony heard in two earlier sessions.

Feds offer to drop lawsuit if Ferguson signs agreement, suggest compliance costs overstated: New city council vote expected Tuesday on whether to accept Justice Department terms.

Exclusive: Poverty up, services diminished in Chicago’s black neighborhoods: Predominantly African-American neighborhoods in Chicago have seen poverty rise and services diminish even as the nation’s third largest city has become less racially segregated, according to a study released on Wednesday.