(apologies in advance to my vegetarian ELGLers)

Welcome to your #MorningBuzz. Last night the leading Republican candidate gave a press conference while simultaneously hawking a line of steaks called Trump Steaks. I assume it is because at this point in the 2016 Presidential Election we are in a living episode of the Twilight Zone. And so I dedicate this Buzz to all those Red Meat eating voters out there. Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.


Right Now w/ Mike Ekey (Twitter / LinkedIn)

What I’m Drinking: Old Crow (no regrets!)

What I’m Watching: The People vs. OJ Simpson.

What I’m Listening to: Frank Turner, Waiting on the next storm

What I want to know from you: How much weight do you put into wins and losses during spring training?

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We’re Buzzing

Kansas City install its first round of smart kiosks: the interactive kiosks are designed to give residents and tourists hyper local information about dining, light rail, area attraction and act as a free wi-fi hotspot.

The University of Kansas could become the first major college campus to get rid of all landline telephones: Wave of the future!

BRAAAAAAAAINS: A new museum exhibit opens in Kansas that features human brains.

How many LEGO bricks would it take to build the Space Shuttle? According to this article; A LOT!

What’s Donald Drumpf doing with all this meat? Who the hell knows anymore…







LocalGov Confidential

KC’s answer to Uber, Bridj, launches:  A new way to get around Kansas City launched Monday. The program, Ride KC: Bridj, is the first of its kind in the area.  The one-year pilot program is like a mix of the bus and a ride service like Uber, or Lyft.   The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority merged with urban technology company Bridj to create a faster and customized mode of transportation.  KCATA is using 10 locally made Ford vans to transport commuters, and Bridj takes care of the technology.

Is it OK to give your #LocalGov co-workers gifts? ELGL’s newest advice columnists Ellie and Jilly answer your questions.

Watch and be amazed at America’s beauty: All 59 of US National Parks in less than 1 minute.

Were are not as different as you think: America’s Mayors have spoken. In this report, City and County compiles the priorities of Mayors from across the nation. Only hitch? They all seem to want the same thing.

Why are traffic deaths rising? After years of going down, traffic fatalities are suddenly on the rise.

How High Point, N.C., Solved Its Domestic Violence Problem: Can the strategy, which was originally developed to reduce gang violence, be replicated elsewhere?