Today’s Buzz pays tribute to the crazy world of minor league sports. Have you ever been down the rabbit hole of crazy team names?  I fell down that hole last night and pulled some of my favorites back out with me.


Right Now With Emily Morrison (LinkedIn, Twitter)

What I’m Listening To – The sweet sweet vocals of Michael Bublé.

What I’m Doing – Mapping drug dependency vs. convicted offenses.

What I want to know from you – What’s your favorite minor league team?


We’re Buzzin’

Lawmakers Chug Raw Milk to Celebrate Legalizing Raw Milk, Are Mysteriously Overcome With Stomach Illness. Just a few weeks ago, West Virginians passed a law overriding the cruel, barbaric raw milk prohibition that’s plagued the state for years. To mark the occasion, these same dairy-loving lawmakers downed what else but a tall glass of milk—raw and dirty just like god intended. In totally unrelated news, a bunch of West Virginia lawmakers are now suffering from a severe stomach illness.

Wireless for all! Various cities have attempted to bridge the wireless usage gap for more than a decade with free public Wi-Fi plans, but have encountered various obstacles with funding, sustainability and growth. However, New York City has recently unveiled a possible new model for how these types of networks could succeed in the future.

Can This Ohio Town Save Its Giant Basket Building? The future of an American roadside attraction is up in the air now that the Longaberger company is vacating the oversized replica of its most popular product. The basket may become part of the county’s land bank if a foreclosure action doesn’t reach a minimum bid.




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50 Nifty

Pothole artist seeks funds to produce more tile art.

This Week in Civic Tech: Google Fights the Zika Virus, ‘City Web’ Network to Serve as Civic Innovation Ecosystem

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Local Gov Confidential

National Police Crime Database Houses Arrests, Shootings, In-Custody Deaths. The Sunlight Foundation has launched the “Hall of Justice,” a state-by-state repository of criminal justice data that cumulatively indicates a need for major policy reforms.