Today’s Buzz features a spike in crime in Chicago, Washington lawmakers failing to pass a budget (again), plus – Stephen Colbert asks Loretta Lynch how the law is doing.

On this day in 1993, Janet Reno became the first female U.S. Attorney General. The current Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, is the second female AG. Today’s Buzz is a high-five to these women.

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Chicago Crime Spikes As Police Avoid Becoming ‘The Next Viral Video’: Chicago is having a bloody year. Already since January, more than 100 people have been murdered in the city — double the number of homicides in Chicago during the first two months last year. The number of shooting incidents is also up by 120 percent compared to the first nine weeks of 2015.

California just voted to raise the age people can buy cigarettes to 21: If Gov. Jerry Brown signs the bill — which he is expected to do — California will become the second state, after Hawaii, to raise the age threshold for buying cigarettes. Across the country, more than 100 cities, including New York City and Boston, have also already done so.

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Former Putin Aide Died Of ‘Blunt Force Injuries’ In D.C., Medical Report Says: A former Russian press minister and aide to President Vladimir Putin who was found dead in a Washington, D.C., hotel last November died from blunt force injuries,according to a report from the chief medical examiner’s office.

Insiders: Rubio wins debate too late to matter: GOP Caucus members see little chance Trump’s standing shifts after last forum before Tuesday’s votes.

‘Americanitis’: The Disease of Living Too Fast: How a 19th-century nervous condition shaped the way modern Americans think about health and happiness.

Reporter Files Criminal Complaint Against Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager: Michelle Fields, the conservative reporter who was manhandled at a Donald Trump press conference Tuesday, has filed criminal assault charges against Trump’s campaign manager.

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Seattle is Berning: We’re tops in the U.S. for per capita Bernie Sanders donations: The Seattle Times editorial board surprised a lot of readers by recommending Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary — the only major daily newspaper in the country to do so.

Washington State Lawmakers Again Fail to Do Their Jobs, Enter Special Session: Lawmakers this legislative session had two fundamental responsibilities: Come up with a full plan for K-12 education funding and pass a supplemental budget.

San Jose Is The Most Forgettable Major American City: What’s that California city again? Starts with “San,” has a million people, near the coast? Almost everyone can think of San Francisco or San Diego. But San Jose, the nation’s 10th most populous city, just doesn’t jump to mind in the same way.

The Economist: Atlanta among least expensive cities to live: The Worldwide Cost of Living survey is conducted twice each year by the publication’s “Economist Intelligence Unit.” The survey compares more than 400 prices on 160 products and services that include: food, clothing, household supplies, personal care items, home rents, transport, utility bills, private schools, domestic help and recreational cost.