Well, here we go. The stage is set. The nominations are but solidified (unless there is some convention negotiating shenanigans). It looks like it’s going to be Trump v. Clinton. Bankruptcy v. Emails. The Mouth v. The Politician. Tuesday, TUESDAY, TUESDAY – Nov. 8!!! The Battle Royale is almost set. Will you be there?! Here are some of the top headlines from around the #LocalGov world and some of my favorite macros from our two leading contenders.


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University of Missouri upholds firing of Prof: University of Missouri curators have rejected the appeal of Melissa Click, the assistant professor of communications who drew national attention when a video of her blocking student journalists during protests went viral.

Bro news anchor tells Hillary Clinton to ‘smile’ because it’s her night: At this point, men have to know better than to tell a woman to smile. Hillary Clinton had an incredible night during Tuesday’s primaries, locking down Florida and sealing a surprise win in Ohio. But Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, thought she could have acted, like, a little happier about it.

California is set to fall into the ocean: Scientists are re-examining the San Andreas Fault and now think it might be part of a large fault line that includes the San Jacinto. This ain’t no double rainbow… this is a DOUBLE FAULT – and is about to go any day now. Sorry, Cali.


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Have you filled out your Strongest Town bracket? March Madness and bracketology is all the rage and now it is here for #LocalGov. Personally, I have the Ekey Home City of Hays, Kansas, winning the whole thing. Who’s your #1?

Manhole covers as art: You’d be forgiven for never noticing the intricacies of a manhole cover design. That is, until you’ve seen Marina Willer’s latest project. While London’s changing skyline keeps turning heads, the Pentagram partner wants to bring out the beauty of one of the city’s most utilitarian objects underfoot.

What happens when Wal-Mart dumps you? In Missouri and Kansas is not unheard of that a City’s commercial landscape will shift dramatically when a Wal-Mart opens its doors. But what happens to those small towns when Wal-Mart decides to up and move?