Today’s Buzz looks at some “starchitect” Frank Lloyd Wright’ designed homes in the Chicago area.  News of the day includes the hidden history of maps by women in North America, President Obama’s trip to Cuba, the history of humans and radiation, and more.  Forward!

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, Oak Park, IL

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Thomas Gale House, Oak Park, IL


The Hidden Histories of Maps Made By Women: Early North America: In the 1970s, early in her career as map librarian at the New York Public Library, Alice Hudson started researching women mapmakers throughout history. With few other women in her chosen field, she wondered how many had come before her. “I thought I might find 10,” she tells CityLab.

Democrats to Sanders: Time to wind it down: Democratic senators of all stripes are as impressed as they are surprised by Bernie Sanders’ insurgent campaign.  But the time has come, they say, for Sanders to start winding things down.

Gravity is the Only Glue That Holds These TogetherMichael Grab (featured previously here and here) is a master of balancing rocks and stones. The artist and photographer first explored rock balancing in 2008 while exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado.

Ward W. Willits House, Highland Park, IL


Ida & Grace McElwain Residence, Lake Bluff, IL


Frank B. Henderson House, Elmhurst, IL

50 Nifty

Mary W. Adams House, Highland Park, IL

Nathan G. Moore House, Oak Park, IL

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The Next 606? New Bike-Friendly Trail To Connect Pilsen And Little Village: The Paseo rails-to-trail conversion will run from from 16th Street south to 31st Street.

Chicago’s First Cider Bar, The Northman, Is Finally OpenAfter a series of delays (and the unfortunate departure of Chef Cleetus Friedman), we learned a few weeks back that the Northman (4337 N. Lincoln Ave.) was “coming soon” but there was no opening date. They faked us out! The bar opened, unannounced, last Saturday night and was open this weekend.

What makes Town and Country? A town, some country and now a square: Town and Country has lacked a true Main Street; now it has the luxury of creating a town square gathering spot.

Behind the about-face in Ferguson: After lawsuit was filed over justice system, two new council members worked behind the scenes to get consent decree approved.

Drop in St. Louis County population throws wrench at water company: Missouri-American penalized for St. Louis County coming up shy of a million people.

Ellisville approves microbrewery despite residents’ objections: Despite opposition from nearby residents, the Ellisville City Council has approved the city’s first microbrewery.

Detroit’s Little Caesars announces new pizza for the cheese-lovers: They’re had pizza’s wrapped in bacon, but now they’re cooking pies for the dairy diehards.

Warren Hickox House, Kankakee, IL