Today’s Buzz is a little late. Why? Because sometimes the work-life balance tips in favor of one side. Today it toppled into the family side when my two-year-old decided that sleeping is for suckers. The Ekey home has been dealing with what I can only describe as the hellish landscape of a full-on Terrible Two Tantrum for 48 hours now. We do not negotiate with terrorists. But we do take mental health days. Here is a fun collection dedicated to all those fragile toddlers out there who are crying for NO DAMNED REASON!


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Jeb! endorses TrusTed Cruz: And the political circus heads west, young man. Tuesday’s primaries saw both Democrats and Republicans splitting wins. The next big showdown is April 5 in Wisconsin.

Artists flood Twitter with images of support for Brussels: As reactions to Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels pour in from political leaders around the world, people took to social media to offer their own condolences, a familiar outpouring of solidarity and support to victims of global terror attacks in recent years.

Rob Ford, Former Toronto Mayor Who Admitted Drug Abuse, Dies at 46: Rob Ford, the combative former mayor of Toronto who gained international notoriety with his confession of crack cocaine use, his public drunkenness and his belligerent clashes with other public officials, died on Tuesday. He was 46.





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What should we do about Flint? I was recently invited to Midland, MI to give a talk about the challenges facing Flint in light of its water crisis and beyond. It’s an extended version of some themes I raised in my podcast on the topic. I put the challenges of Flint in the larger context of failing post-industrial cities and ask the question of what we should do about them.

Why Reston, Virginia Still Inspires Planners 50 Years Later: A new documentary traces how the D.C. suburb’s pedestrian-centric, mixed-use approach came to dominate urban design.

D.C.’s Art Gallery in an Abandoned Streetcar Tunnel Will Finally Open: After decades of trying to put the space to good use, artists will fill the infamously dank tunnel with interactive works.

Evaluating Affordable Housing Development Strategies: Housing and transportation are most household’s two largest expenditure categories, and are a major financial burden for many lower-income households. As a result, increasing housing and transportation affordability is an important planning objective. In recent years, planners have developed a better understanding of what this means and how to evaluate affordable housing development strategies.