Today’s Buzz features nationwide support for marijuana legalization, Bernie’s Portland rally (complete with a bird landing on his podium), and the state of America’s bridges. Sandra Day O’Connor and Nancy Pelosi have birthdays today which we celebrate in today’s buzz.

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A Mailman Handcuffed in Brooklyn, Caught on Video: Late in the afternoon on St. Patrick’s Day, Glen Grays, a 27-year-old African-American mail carrier, was making his rounds in Crown Heights, in Brooklyn, about to leave a package at 999 President Street. Mr. Grays prides himself on getting to know the community he serves, he told me on Wednesday.

Mapping the Sorry State of America’s Bridges: Explore the daily traffic count and structural status of 600,000 bridgespans.


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Donald Trump can’t stop saying nasty things about women. It could cost him: A nasty feud that escalated Thursday between Donald Trump and his chief Republican rival over their wives set off a new wave of alarm among establishment Republicans, who fear that the GOP front-runner would drive away female voters in a general-election fight with likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

ISIS’ Finance Minister Has Been Killed, U.S. Defense Secretary Says: An Islamic State leader who has been described as the militant group’s finance minister has been killed, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced.

Insiders to Trump: No majority, no nomination: Republicans say it’s 1,237 delegates or bust for Donald Trump.

Support for marijuana legalization has hit an all-time high: A new survey released today by the the Associated Press and the University of Chicago finds that a record-high percentage of Americans — 61 percent — say they support marijuana legalization.

Bernie Sanders brings populist message to thousands at Portland’s Moda Center (and yes, he put a bird on it): Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders brought his message of economic populism to the Moda Center Friday afternoon, where a crowd of about 11,500 supporters enthusiastically cheered policy pronouncements most had probably heard before.

Local Gov Confidential

PHOTOS: The Mess Occupiers Left At Malheur National Wildlife Refuge: In January and February, armed anti-federalists took over a wildlife refuge in Oregon for 41 days. They said they were protesting in support of two Oregon ranchers sentenced to prison for arson.

The Business Backlash to North Carolina’s LGBT Law: A bill passed this week pits the state Republican Party’s desire to be friendly to business friendliness against its social conservatism.

The Death of Jeffrey Pendleton: A homeless man was found dead in a jail cell in Manchester, New Hampshire. What killed him? The criminalization of poverty.

Campus Shuttles Want to Speed Ahead in the Autonomous Vehicle Race: A suddenly crowded field promises self-driving vehicles by 2017. Google, Apple, Tesla, Ford, Honda: For major players in the autonomous vehicle race, 2020 has emerged as the target date.

Doctors respond to Indiana banning abortions because of Down syndrome: One day after Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) signed a controversial bill that would block women from seeking abortions based on medical diagnoses, doctors grappled with how the measure could impact their patients.