On March 28, 1853, a brave group settlers stood at the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri rivers and founded the City of Kansas – later to be known as Kansas City – one of the greatest cities in the U.S of A. Today, to celebrate KC’s birthday week, we share some news from the KC region and elsewhere. Try not to drool on your laptop as you gaze on some of the best barbecue in the world (yeah, I said it).

Happy Birthday to you, Kansas City!  


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What’s the greatest City in the world: Kansas City, Missouri.

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San Fransisco man rents a box to live in for $400 a month:

Tim Tebow can’t run with a football, but he might run for office: Rep. Tim Tebow? Senator Tim Tebow? PRESIDENT Tim Tebow? All real things that could happen one day, according to Tim Tebow.

If Hijacker Selfies become a thing, then I don’t want to live on this planet anymore:  Why did 26-year-old British hostage Ben Innes pose with Seifedeen Mustafa? Nobody knows yet.  Mustafa’s “suicide belt” turned out to be a hoax, but he managed to get the Cairo-bound flight diverted to Cyprus. At this point, our best guess about the strange photo is that Innes simply does not care.

Google is trying to make landlines a thing again: Because is up is down and nothing matters anymore. Fun story: Google Fiber here in Kansas City asked me to participate in a test run of their landline service and eventually pulled the plug from my house because we did not make any phone calls. We honestly did not know what to do with the thing. #Millennials, amiright?!






Local Gov Confidential

How simple camera technology will help keep the new KC Light Rail on time.

Columbia’s controversial special district is back in court

KC’s program to sell abandoned homes for $1 sees more than 4,000 applications

NC Gov blames media for backlash against state anti-LGBT law