In today’s Buzz we regretfully announce the end of the Morning Buzz.  Due to staff reductions, ELGL will no longer be able to provide regularly updated website content…………April Fools!

In today’s Buzz we read about the ongoing State Supreme Court battle in Kansas, another public shooting (this really is becoming too common), and China bans April Fools’ Day.

ELGL’s words of advice for everyone today – TRUST NO ONE


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Outraged by Kansas Justices’ Rulings, G.O.P. Seeks to Reshape Court Washington is locked in partisan warfare over control of the Supreme Court. But it is hardly the only place. Look at the states, where political attacks on judicial decisions are common and well-financed attack ads are starting to jar the once-sleepy elections for State Supreme Court seats.

Virginia trooper killed in shooting at Greyhound bus station in Richmond  A Virginia State Police trooper on a training exercise for a criminal interdiction squad was killed and two civilians were wounded when a man the officer had just begun to question opened fire Thursday afternoon inside a Greyhound Bus Station near downtown Richmond, authorities said.

No joke. April Fools’ Day has been banned in China. No joke. April Fools’ Day has been banned in China.






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A Week of Misconceptions We’re using this April Fools’ as an opportunity to debunk some of the misconceptions about health and science that circulate all year round.

Is Donald Trump Self-Destructing?  If Donald Trump were a normal political candidate, he would be in serious trouble at the moment. Over the past few days, he has said and done things that have raised more doubts about his temperament, judgment, and command of policy issues.

Shut Up About Harvard It’s college admissions season, which means it’s time once again for the annual flood of stories that badly misrepresent what higher education looks like for most American students — and skew the public debate over everything from student debt to the purpose of college in the process.

When Black Voters Exited Left Days before the 1960 election, Coretta Scott King received a call from then-candidate John F. Kennedy while her husband was in a Georgia jail, charged with trespassing after leading a sit-in demonstration against segregation in Atlanta.

Tacoma council moving to ban plastic grocery bags despite mixed survey Tacoma City Council members are ready to take steps to phase out plastic grocery bags even though a recent informal survey suggests many residents aren’t ready for the change.

Why does Seattle city government seem oblivious to climate and topography? What drives many people to distraction about Seattle city government is displayed each morning as this scribe drives across First Hill en route to work.

Chicago increasingly ‘bike-friendly,’ but still has miles to go in South, West sides On the 11th floor of City Hall, as a meeting of the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Council wrapped up, community activist Deloris Lucas was asked what the city has done to bring bike routes and bike-sharing to her impoverished neighborhood on the Far South Side.

Miami officer picked to be Ferguson police chief  Delrish Moss named to be permanent replacement for Thomas Jackson, who resigned.

Florissant mayor, landlord dispute circumstances resulting in town hall meeting arrest An altercation Wednesday night between a landlord and a police officer at a public meeting has focused new attention on a ballot measure that has raised the ire of rental property owners in this North County community.

Tesla Model 3 revealed as $35,000 electric car for the masses Tesla Motors has pulled the wraps off its hotly anticipated Model 3, which the California electric car company bills as an affordable, mass-market car.

The State Department Is Spring Breaking, Badly You know how sometimes, little kids will make up really bad jokes that don’t make sense? Ones where the punchline is just something like the word “butts” yelled really loudly? And then they’re so delighted with said joke that they’ll tell it roughly a zillion times in a row, repeating “butts!”

The Great Debate: How to Attract Investment in Neglected Urban Areas With the key assumption that more of Philadelphia needs to see the benefits of the recent wave of investment that has come to the city’s urban core, politicians at varying levels of government are considering multiple policy options.


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Anti-tax legislators strongarm local government for tax hikes One of the bills revealed by the anti-tax leaders of the Senate Finance Committee this week would pressure local governments to raise taxes on senior citizens, disabled veterans and widows.

Moorhead, city manager agree to split City Manager Michael Redlinger is parting ways with the city of Moorhead after 15 years with six months’ pay plus $5,000, a severance agreement worth a total of about $75,000.

Prichard City Council members, Mayor bicker over BP money spending he bickering continues over the city of Prichard’s BP settlement money. At Thursday’s council meeting, Prichard city council members voted to have the Alabama Attorney General’s Office investigate how the money is being spent. Prichard City Council Member Severia Campbell-Morris is leading the charge.