Today’s Buzz features SFPD’s bigotry problem, before and after shots of street redesign, and the downside of Durham’s rebirth. On this day in 1956, As The World Turns premiered on CBS – happy 60th birthday!

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The San Francisco Police Department’s Bigotry Problem: How many racist text threads among cops will it take for officials to recognize systemic problems?

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50 Nifty

More Trees, Fewer Cars for the Central Squares of Paris: A long-planned redesign will semi-pedestrianize some of the city’s most famous public spaces.

More Before-and-After Photos of the World’s Best Street Designs: A newly updated archive lets you track images of urban makeovers across the world.

Judge Strikes Down Last Same-Sex Adoption Ban In The U.S.: It’s now legal for couples in all U.S. states to adopt children — regardless of the couple’s gender — after a federal judge struck down Mississippi’s ban on same-sex adoption.

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The Downside of Durham’s Rebirth: The city carefully planned its economic revitalization. Why, then, is it so painful for some of the people who have lived here the longest?

The CIA ‘Inadvertently Left’ Explosive Material In Virginia School Bus After K-9 Drill: The bus then remained in service for two days, transporting students to a high school and two elementary schools, before the explosive material was found during routine maintenance, the sheriff’s office says in a statement.

To Ease Traffic, L.A. Needs Much More Than Trains: Metro’s $120 billion rail proposal alone won’t transform how Angelenos get around.

Flint to sue state, DEQ over water source switch: The City of Flint has filed a notice of intent to sue the state of Michigan over the Department of Environmental Quality’s handling of a water supply switch that exposed citizens to lead.

With final streetcar set to arrive soon, Cincinnati ramps up testing: System officials expect to begin running two streetcar vehicles simultaneously on the 3.6-mile loop in Over-the-Rhine and the Central Business District for eight hours a day starting next week.