Volunteer for an ICMA Committee, Get a Scholarship to #ICMA16

Volunteer for an ICMA Committee, Get a Scholarship to #ICMA16

ICMA is looking for volunteers for ten different committees, which study issues of interest and importance to the ICMA organization or to local government in general. They also provide an opportunity for member connection and networking. More information about each committee, as well as application information, is available online here.

ShowImage (1)Mr.Lee Feldman is the city manager of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and he’s also the president elect of ICMA.  He’s committed to getting new faces and fresh voices on these ICMA committees, and so he reached out to ELGL to see if our membership would be interested in serving. Here’s some more information from Lee about why service to ICMA is a valuable way to give back to the local government profession:

You’re president-elect of ICMA – give us a sneak preview of what you’re working on now for ICMA, and your plans for your presidency year.  

My year as President will be a year of transition with two significant actions that will affect the future of our organization.  First, we will have a new Executive Director named; and second, we will be finalizing and commencing implementation of a new Strategic Plan for ICMA.  I have purposefully stated that my year will not be a year of new initiatives, but rather a year of continuing our hard and important work centered around leadership, diversity and creating opportunities for our emerging leaders.  With that said – it should be a very busy year!

Tell us about the ICMA committees you’ve served on during your career.

  • ICMA Executive Board SE Regional VP (2010-2013)
  • Conference Planning Committee (2014-2015), (2011-2012), (2006-2007)
  • Government Affairs & Policy Committee (2002-2015); Chair (2007-2008)
  • Sustainable Communities Advisory Committee (2007-2015); Chair (2014-2015)
  • ICMA 100th Anniversary Task Force (2013-2014)
  • Task Force on Community Tools for Ending Racism (2001-2002)
  • Conference Evaluation Committee (2000-2001), (1997-1998)
  • Assistants Steering Committee (1993-1996)

In addition I currently serve on:

  • Board of Directors for the Alliance for Innovation (2013-)
  • Board of Directors for the National Civic League (2015-)
  • FEMA National Advisory Council (2008-)
  • National League of Cities Steering Committee on Crime Prevention and Public Safety

In the past I have also served as President of the Florida City/County Management Association and have chaired the National League of Cities CityFutures Panel on Public Finance.

What has been your personal highlight of ICMA committee service? 

While not necessarily categorized as a “committee”, my involvement with the @ICMACityLinks program has been exceptionally rewarding.  As part of that program I have been able to twice visit India to work with the cities of Nagapattinam and Cuddalore, both of which were devastated by the Christmas 2004 Tsunami.  Also, I have been able to participate in the ASEAN meeting on Climate Adaptation in Jakarta, Indonesia and am currently working with the municipalities of Cap Haitien and Limonade in Haiti.

How does ICMA committee service benefit someone’s professional local government career?

First, each and every committee assignment for me has been an opportunity to learn more about the topics of importance to our profession.  Exposure to new, current and provocative issues helps expand our thinking and makes us better professional managers.  Second, the opportunity to network with other local government professionals has allowed me to establish a great network of resources on any issue as well as establish new friendships with others from around the globe.

What’s the most underrated ICMA committee – the committee that is doing awesome work but sometimes goes unnoticed? 

The Advisory Board on Graduate Education.  We can’t build a great profession without a solid foundation of education for it to rest upon.  This committee works closely with NASPAA’s Local Government Management Education Committee.

What are you most excited for in Kansas City during #ICMA16? 

Besides the dynamic keynote speakers, the one session I always try to attend is the Eldon Field Colloquium.  While I have not seen who is slated to speak at that session, I have never been disappointed in having a thought-provoking and challenging panel present on a great topic.

And, of course, there will be a great opportunity to see all the awesome things that my friend, KCMO Manager Troy Schulte (@KCMOManager), has accomplished recently.  He promises that this will be the best ICMA Conference yet!!!


Are you interested in attending the ICMA conference, but not sure if it’s in your budget? Here’s some helpful information from ICMA about their scholarship program for the conference:

As part of its ongoing commitment to attracting a wide and diverse group of people into the local government management profession, developing and mentoring early-to-mid-career professionals already in the field, and helping members working in smaller communities, ICMA is now accepting applications to its 2016 Conference Assistance and Stene Academic Scholarship Programs. Applications will be accepted March 16-May 31, 2016. Full information on ICMA’s conference scholarship program may be found on our website.

  • Shahrzad Rizvi

    I definitely recommend applying for ICMA scholarships. I received the Young Professional Scholarship in 2013 and benefited greatly by attending the national conference.