Today’s Buzz features minimum wage increases, a Jersey bikeshare spat, and an explanation how snow can exist during global warming. In honor of the animals that have rhythm today’s buzz has animals that can keep a beat. (My personal favorite is the dog that shakes his butt to Eminem).

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Will minimum wage hikes lead to a huge boost in automation? Only if we’re lucky.  As states like California and cities like Seattle boost their minimum wages up to $15 an hour, critics warn that job losses will be inevitable. In particular, one major line of criticism from outlets like the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Forbes’s Tim Worstall is that big increases in pay floors only lead to job loss via automation. Both critics point to initiatives at McDonald’s and Wendy’s to automate more of the service process, and warn that robots, rather than workers, will be the real winners if liberals succeed in boosting minimum pay.

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Even In a Warming World, It Will Still Snow Somewhere: If global warming is real, how can it be so cold in my back yard? Hint: That’s weather, not climate.

Do you own a gun? Why your kid’s doctor needs to know. “‘Do you have guns in the home?’ It’s a standard question pediatricians ask patients and their parents, an entry into a conversation about storage and safety.”

Trump offers new campaign details, predicts ‘massive recession’ In an exclusive interview, the billionaire said he would undo many international agreements. He predicted a “massive recession,” warned Americans against investing in the stock market and offered new details

Alaska Air reportedly nears deal for Virgin AmericaAlaska Air Group is emerging as the likely winner of an auction for Virgin America, besting a rival bid from JetBlue, the Wall Street Journal reported online Saturday.

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Drivers beware: February-like snow to fall on much of Michigan Sunday: There is another solid snow on tap for much of Lower Michigan Sunday, April 3, 2016.

First jam-up on new 520 bridge: crowds trying to leave grand-opening party: Thousands came to see the new Highway 520 bridge and walk across it. But when they wanted off, they had to wait — much longer than they wanted.

Jersey City, Hoboken in Bikeshare Spat: Two New Jersey cities square off when one accuses the other of abusing public resources—this familiar story is given novel form by bikeshare and public bike racks.

Plans Advance for Orange County Streetcar: The $289 million streetcar would serve the cities of Santa Ana (population 329,00), county seat and second densest in California after San Francisco, and Garden Grove (population 170,000) on a 4.1-mile route. Service could begin 2020.