Today’s buzz is in memoriam of the voice of Admiral Ackbar.  He warned us of a trap, yet the trap was not of this life; it was this life.  He has slipped the surly bonds of this world and warns us now from the next.

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We’re Buzzing:

‘Star Wars’ Voice Actor Who, As Admiral Ackbar, Warned ‘It’s A Trap!’ Dies At 93: Erik Bauersfeld’s amphibious rebel commander was far from the biggest role that the Star Wars movies had to offer. But three words transformed a bit part into a fan favorite: “It’s a trap!”

Fence helps block noise levels and looks like granite: SimTek Fence is offering a product that helps block sound and is anti-graffiti. The product carries a 25-year warranty.

Indonesia’s Orangutans Suffer as Fires Rage and Businesses Grow: The blazes, an annual occurrence where farmers clear land by burning it, often for palm oil plantations, have led to the relocation and even deaths of some of the apes.

Despite Fears, Affordable Care Act Has Not Uprooted Employer Coverage: Employer-based insurance has held firm for the last five years, and federal officials predict it will continue to remain strong.


50 Nifty

Unraveled: The Mystery Of The Secret Street Artist In Boston: Someone has been using Lego blocks to repair the corner of a crumbling brick building in Boston. Reporter Tovia Smith set out to investigate who this person is and what else he has been up to.

Villanova Beats North Carolina 77-74 On Buzzer Beater To Win Hoops Title: The Wildcats’ vaunted defense locked down the Tar Heels in the second half, winning the school’s second national championship.

Facing A Growing Rat Problem, A Neighborhood Sets Off The Cat Patrol: Chicago has a bad rat problem, and it gets worse when old buildings are demolished. Residents of a Chicago neighborhood decided to counter the rat invasion with natural enemies — feral cats.

The marijuana edibles business in Illinois is no cakewalk—just ask Mindy Segal: Celebrated pastry chef Mindy Segal finds it’s not easy going green. Mindy Segal stands before four small piles of chocolate brittle in the lobby of Greenhouse Medical Cannabis Dispensary, in north-suburban Deerfield. One of 31 licensed marijuana dispensaries in Illinois, Greenhouse is situated near the rear of a sprawling but otherwise unremarkable one-story industrial building wedged between Lake Cook Road and the Edens Spur.…

Missouri Senate approves panel to review University of Missouri rules: Group will recommend changes by the end of the year.

Illinois late license-plate fees top $5 million without reminders: Fine collection doubles as drivers forget renewal deadline.

New NGA West Location Will Gut St. Louis Place Neighborhood, Not Revitalize What Remains:

The National Geospatial Agency decided to keep its Western headquarters in the City of St. Louis. The narrative around this decision is summed up nicely here:

The decision means the city will keep 3,100 jobs, currently housed at the Old Arsenal complex south of Anheuser-Busch brewery, and move them to a $1.75 billion development just northwest of downtown. The move is expected to further the city’s pursuit of redeveloping the near North Side with a massive federal anchor — something that could lure more investment to the struggling area, but also give a major boost to nearby Washington Avenue. (Post-Dispatch)

I get the first part — keeping thousands of jobs within the city. I do hear that many of the 3,100 don’t live in the City of St. Louis — they aren’t thrilled about driving to North City. But, it’s the second part that I don’t get — how does putting many acres behind chainlink fencing help those outside the fence?

Detroit, Flint get $55M to fight blight: $56 million of federal Hardest Hit funds will be sent to Detroit, Flint for demolition and $18 million for mortgage help.

LocalGov Confidential

Atlantic City government to shut down in April amid financial ruin: In four days, the Atlantic City, N.J. government will shut down due to lack of funds.

Suburbs Scramble for Electronic Recycling …: Recycling of electronic products like televisions and computers will get harder for southeast Lake County residents, now that the Highland Park drop-off facility is set to close April 26 and no long-term solution is on the horizon.  Residents in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff and Highland Park still have options because their municipalities have independently negotiated with private haulers, but other towns like Deerfield are looking for solutions.

Detroit neighborhoods agree to pay more for services: A new fee will appear on the summer tax bills for residents in three Detroit neighborhoods for enhanced services.

Can a spy agency change north St. Louis?: Business owners and managers around the nation’s three current NGA facilities say federal workers make for excellent customers.