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    One of the best parts of RRS #BoatyMcTongueInCheek is watching the rest of the world (and especially America) utterly failing to comprehend the British sense of humour. Every one of us knows that the boat will eventually be given a ‘proper’ name, almost certainly unrelated to the poll, so we can identify with the name that makes us smile for its’ own sake. Really the whole thing is just a nod to the pollsters that we know that they know we don’t mean it. We’re all in this together, and you’re excluded 😛

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    There’s more to the story of the Encinitas online engagement. The online engagement was part of a successful strategy that got a controversial housing plan approved by council; and in fact, this online
    engagement went on to win numerous awards, including these:

    California APA, Award of Merit for Public Outreach:

    California Association of Public Information Officers, Award of Excellence for Community Engagement:

    San Diego County Chapter of Public Relations Society of America, Government Community Relations Award of Merit:

    San Diego APA, Public Outreach Award:

    Here’s an excerpt from the APA press release:

    May 7, 2015

    Public Outreach Award Winner:

    City of Encinitas’ unique approach to updating its Housing Element
    achieved an extraordinary level of participation and accomplishing this
    was remarkable. A catchy name, At Home in Encinitas, was a good
    approach to marketing this planning effort. The public provided over
    1,300 responses via the City’s online civic engagement platform,
    demonstrating the City’s successful approach to public outreach. The
    online tool also allowed the public to build their own plan, using a
    series of sites and with possible neighborhood prototypes. The
    significant level of in-house staff work on this project was
    complemented by consultant support, resulting in a good approach to
    outreach that yielded strong results for moving this challenging project
    forward. An 82 percent satisfaction rate, along with this quote from
    an Encinitas resident, demonstrated the exemplary public outreach
    approach by Encinitas:

    “It [the outreach] makes you feel like you
    are part of the process, rather than the city dictating the process to
    you. I felt they [the City] did a great job of communicating what our
    options are.”
    -Lisa Dietrich, Encinitas Resident, The Coast News

  • Encinitas Resident

    This article written by an employee of Placespeak and published by ELGL is libelous in that it has a false statement that is damaging. The libelous statement is, “Unfortunately, that meant that the data collected couldn’t be used legitimately for policy development.” That statement is false as shown in the video of the Feb 5, 2015 Encinitas City Council meeting. The video records that the Council unanimously approved three maps (each one with a different strategy for the housing element). Two of the approved maps were based on public input at E-Town Hall – the online forum that the City launched to gain input on civic issues. Placespeak and ELGL should consider the legal consequences of this defamatory article…

  • Ms Encinitas

    Regarding the Encinitas online engagement, I appended a quote for an Encinitas Councilmember newsletter (http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=de101c7101931fdca6f1f07f0&id=85a46f6c19).

    Kudos to Councilmember Lisa Shaffer for her understanding of internet-based online citizen engagement platforms! Most elected officials don’t understand this stuff.

    Incidentally, I was easily able to spoof the Placespeak system with fake registrations. An internet-based ballot-box / voting system doesn’t exist!

    Quote from Councilmember Lisa Shaffer April 2016 newsletter:

    I am a strong proponent of public outreach, education, and civic
    engagement. That’s what this newsletter is all about, and that’s why I
    was enthusiastic about eTownHall.

    My own perception of why that contract
    was cancelled is that it wasn’t about the platform. It was about the
    difficult process of developing a Housing plan in the face of a strong
    and vocal group opposed to any higher density zoning.

    The City and our Communications Specialist won awards for their efforts to present the
    housing strategies and mapping options using eTownHall, and I have
    personally heard from planners and elected officials around the region
    who thought it was great and were hoping to emulate it for their cities.

    There is no doubt that it was imperfect, as any system will be, and
    especially one so new to us and the community. But it would have gotten
    better with time and been a very helpful tool as we continued over the
    last year to struggle with the housing plan and with the coastal rail
    trail and other rail issues.

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    What? Boaty McBoaface is brilliant! This whole article seems pretty misguided.