I’m delving into the world of “National Days” on a quest to create more meaningful engagement between our prosecutor’s office and the public.  Some of these are fun, most are about food, and a few are just downright bizarre. It is simultaneously National Dolphin Day and National Ex Spouse Day. So while we celebrate the dolphins, let’s chat about ‘safe sites’, gigabit wireless, and Facebook Live.

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What I want to know from you – What’s the bare minimum amount of sleep you need to function?


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Cities considering ‘safe sites’ for hard drug use. You hear about the war on drugs everywhere, but there is a slow societal shift happening. Health officials and law enforcement alike no longer want to wage war, they want users to seek treatment. Treating the drug epidemic as a disease seems to be the only clear way to win this battle, but I’m still not convinced allowing open use is the answer.

San Jose, Calif., Partners With Facebook Connectivity Lab to Test Gigabit Wi-Fi. San Jose will be one of Facebook Connectivity Lab’s first examples of how the Terragraph network might be used to cheaply scale high-bandwidth wireless connectivity for a high volume of users.

Facebook Launches Live Video Feature: What Does it Mean for Government? The new feature could make it easier for state and local governments to get their messages out to the people who already care enough to follow them.


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