Today’s buzz features reflections on DC statehood, the “new” nation of Czechia, and a look at first responders. The buzz today is adorned witih a bunch of funny tweets for no particular reason. Enjoy!

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What I’m Doing: Waiting anxiously for the birth of my daughter!

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What I’m Reading: An interesting analysis of the different state tax systems in Oregon and Washington.

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Why Teachers Need To Know The Wrong Answers: Successful science learning starts with understanding student misconceptions, argues a Harvard professor.

Dilma Rousseff’s Former Supporters in Brazil Express Disillusionment: As the president faces a possible impeachment, working-class people who brought her party to power say they feel abandoned and want a change.

‘The Czech Republic’ Rebrands Itself To ‘Czechia’: The country now known as The Czech Republic has voted to change its name. That name was contrived in 1993, but now, the country will be known as Czechia.

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Bernie Sanders says he met with Pope Francis. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said in an interview with The Associated Press that he met with Pope Francis, describing the meeting as a “real honor.”

How Social Media Inflates Our Perception Of Our Choice Presidential Candidate:  The most fervent political supporters think only their candidate can possibly win. Bloomberg View columnist Megan McArdle blames these beliefs on the echo chambers found on our social media feeds.

Could There Ever be an ‘American Alibaba’? Jack Ma’s Biographer Explains What It Would Take: A few days ago I posted a first round of questions-and-answers with Duncan Clark, a longtime analyst of and participant in China’s high-tech economy, and author of the new book Alibaba: the House that Jack Ma Built. Duncan is also a friend of my wife’s and mine, from the years we lived in China.

A guide to one of the most sensational claims Time magazine has ever made: The cover of Time magazine’s next issue claims that every American owes $42,998.12, as his or her share of the national debt. Grant’s argument relies on a number of assumptions, as well as value judgmentsIt is certainly true that the federal finances need improvement. Over the long term, if lawmakers don’t act, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has warned the burden of debt will become unsustainable. This scenario, however, isn’t inevitable or arguably even the pressing crisis Grant suggests. Lawmakers could correct the imbalance between spending and taxation over the long term through reduced spending, increased taxes, or a combination of both.

Local Gov Confidential

What Seattle police can learn from an ‘out of control’ department’s turnaround in New England The turnaround in East Haven, Conn. — where police once bullied and harassed Latinos — offers hopeful lessons to Seattle and other cities whose police departments also have been required to adopt federally

Key first responders work behind the scenes at dispatch center: On a sunny day in mid-April, Shannon Clifford steps away from her desk, surrounded by bright screens with maps and wires running to different phone lines. Clifford, an emergency telecommunicator, is four hours into a 12-hour shift at the Bay County Dispatch Center.

North Houston illegal game room shut down, owner A north Houston unauthorized game room was raided late Friday, resulting in one arrest and surprising a new Houston city council member who spent her day riding along with officers.

One More Reason Why Everyone Should Support D.C. Statehood On Friday afternoon, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser called for a citywide vote on statehood for the District. She’s angling for admission into the Union under the same terms given to Tennessee, as The Washington Post reports. A referendum won’t secure congressional representation for D.C. residents, of course, and Mayor Bowser knows so.

An Urban Food Forest Takes to the Waterways: A rendering of Swale, a floating food forest coming to New York this summer. (Courtesy of Mary Mattingly) Green space is vital to cities: it beautifies, reduces crime rates, and provides a necessary space where harried urban dwellers can sit, look up at the trees, and breathe.