Today’s Buzz features nationwide Purple Rain, a guide to designing the streets of the future, and Oakland’s 90 day moratorium on evictions.

On this day in 2005, the first YouTube video (Me at the Zoo) was uploaded to the internet, so today’s buzz is a celebration of the best (or weirdest) of YouTube.

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AMC will play ‘Purple Rain’ at 87 U.S. theaters this weekend: With Prince fans still in mourning, the largest U.S. theater chain is putting Purple Rain on 87 screens across the U.S. starting this Saturday (April 23) and running through Thursday (April 28).

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A One-Stop Guide to Designing the Streets of the Future: A recently published report by the National Association of City Transportation Officials includes insights from dozens of officials and practitioners across North America.

Obama just met the world’s most powerful 2-year old, Prince George, and it was adorable: The below pictures are from Kensington Palace.

Israel’s Health Minister To McDonald’s: ‘Not In Our Country’: “Junk food? Not at McDonald’s!” At least, that’s what the fast-food chain hopes to convince Israel’s health minster.

Delegates face death threats from Trump supporters: At the Republican National Committee’s spring meeting, delegates describe vicious missives demanding they support the GOP front-runner.

Insiders to Bernie: Don’t take the fight to Philly: ‘The primary is over. There is no path, and there is no math,’ says a Florida Democrat.

Local Gov Confidential

The Most Sustainable Restaurant In The World Might Be This School Cafeteria: At the Los Angeles Muse School, kids eat a plant-based diet from a kitchen run on solar power.

Virginia’s Governor Just Gave 206,000 People The Right To Vote: Two hundred six thousand Virginians will newly have the right to vote this year. That’s according to the office of Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who signed a bill on Friday that would allow felons who had completed their sentences to vote.

Portland Bids Farewell to Its ‘Bowie vs. Prince’ Bike Ride: Baby, that was much too fast.

What Are Trees Worth to Cities? Meet the U.S. Forest Service scientist putting a dollar value on urban forests.

Oakland Approves 90-Day Moratorium on Evictions: Taking steps to prevent Oakland from becoming the next San Francisco, the East Bay city passed a 90-day moratorium on certain kinds of evictions.