Today’s Buzz features nationwide the first electricfied commuter rail in over 100 years, a guide for siting bikeshare stations, and Obama’s comments to BLM.

Four days ago my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world so today’s buzz features funny babies (that undoubtedly will never be as funny as my baby, but manage to be funny enough).


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What I’m Doing: Watching my newborn daughter peacefully sleep.

What I’m Reading: The Science of Mom

What I want to know from you: Can a four-day-old roll their eyes at their dad? I am pretty sure my newborn is already doing that and I am a little concerned.


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Obama to Black Lives Matter activists: ‘You can’t just keep on yelling’: Speaking at a town hall in London, he offered some unsolicited guidance to those pressing for change back home.


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Riots, Guns, Bribes: TR’s Contested Convention: Associated Press Would a candidate for president of the United States ever officially condone a riot on the floor of a national convention? Would a candidate actually ever seek to provoke one?Should delegates at a convention be permitted to carry guns? Can supporters of a candidate try to buy delegate votes? Could any of these things happen at a contested Republican Convention this year in Cleveland?

Seattle-based Sherpa readies for another Everest climbing season: A year after last April’s earthquake in Nepal, Seattle resident and famous Everest guide Lakpa Rita is back at base camp, ready for another climbing season.

Documenting Stories of Homelessness: A homeless man folds up his bedding in the morning at the Harrington Hall homeless shelter in Cranston, Rhode Island on November 18, 2009.  Brian Snyder / Reuters According to a recent study by the U.S.

Trump’s ‘System Is Rigged’ Argument Is Working: Donald Trump has had a good run of numbers lately. While his victory in New York this week was expected, he got 60 percent of the vote, more than the roughly 55 percent projected by the polls.


Local Gov Confidential

Earth Day Special: First Electrified Commuter Rail Lines Opens in Over a Century: The new University of Colorado A-Line service opened as scheduled. Free rides were offered Friday and Saturday to thousands of happy children of all ages to enjoy the 23-mile, 37-minute trip from Union Station

Chronic Homelessness Persists at New York City Transit Hubs and Airports: Two train stations, two airports, and one bus terminal double as homeless shelters in New York City. When some close for the night, the subways fill in.

Where Millionaires Are Moving: In this oligarchic era, dominated as never before in modern history by the ultra-rich, their movements are far more than grist for gossip columns. They are critical to the health of city economies around the world.

A New Guide for Siting Bikeshare Stations: The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) is on a multi-modal roll, releasing two guides to non-automobile forms of transportation in recent weeks. The most recent offers guidance on why, where, and how to site bikeshare.

New Jersey Democrats Propose Hiking Gas Tax in Tradeoff for Estate Tax Reduction: The estate tax reduction, plus increasing the retirement income tax exemption, would be traded for an unspecified hike in the gas tax to keep the Transportation Trust Fund solvent. But the $400 million in tax cuts won’t satisfy Gov. Chris Christie.