Today’s Buzz honors bygone cereals.  Alas poor Big Mixx, you left us too soon.  News of the day includes a famous Frank Lloyd Wright home for sale, a look at a city plan developed by Leonardo DaVinci, and the fight for Baltimore.

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What I Want to Know From You: What was YOUR favorite childhood cereal?


Phone, Everlasting: What If Your Smartphone Never Got Old?: For many of us, when a phone starts slowing down we face a choice: spend the money to try to fix it or get a new one. But could there be a phone that never loses its luster?

Can More Money Fix America’s Schools?: It’s one of the loudest debates in education: whether spending more money adds up to better test scores and graduation rates.

Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Lyrics Entangle Two Rachels: Beyoncé sings of infidelity, and the Internet attacks. That’s unfortunate for the TV chef whose name is two a’s away from the suspected offender.

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Photos: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winslow House Is Now On Sale For Just $1.3M: A steal… if you’re looking for a FLW mansion with a butler’s pantry.

Dennis Hastert Sued For Unpaid Hush Money Amid Sexual Abuse Allegations: Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert is being sued for $1.8 million in unpaid hush money by a man who says Hastert sexually abused him.

Game of Thrones and the Paradox of Female Beauty: It’s the scene the entire Season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones—and in some sense the series up to this point—has been building toward. There stands the Red Woman, Melisandre, the goddess behind so much of the show’s deus ex machina, in her bedroom. A fire crackles. A candle flickers. Music, at once sharp and flat, plays. Melisandre, regarding herself in a foggy mirror, unbuttons her dress. It falls away. All that remains is her necklace—a choker made of metal, completed with a red stone. The tension builds. The notes swell. She gazes at herself. We gaze along with her.

Will a $6 Million Tamir Rice Settlement Help Reform Cleveland Cops?: Seventeen months after a Cleveland police officer shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice, and five months after a grand jury declined to indict that officer, the city of Cleveland will pay $6 million to Rice’s family to settle a civil lawsuit.

Redesigning the Iconic Thoroughfare at the Heart of Little Havana: Miami’s 8th Street, also called Calle Ocho, is flanked by stout, boxy buildings on either side: gas stations, pawn shops, ACE hardware stores, supermarkets, and the occasional Cuban bakery with cafecito, croquetas, and pastelitos. The street is home to some significant cultural landmarks—jazz bars like Hoy Como Ayer and Ball and Chain, for example, and Versailles, everyone’s favorite Cuban restaurant. Around 15th Avenue, tourists pour out of buses and peer into Domino Park, hoping to catch elder Cuban exiles cursing out opponents over a game. Nearby stands the beautiful art deco Tower Theater, where Cuban immigrants would go to get their fix of American films back in the day.

The Fight for the City of Baltimore: Elder C.W. Harris was on the roof and he wasn’t coming down. Harris, a community activist and religious leader in Baltimore, had climbed to the top of a building overlooking Pennsylvania Triangle Park, a triangle-shaped slab covered in red brick and grass, in West Baltimore on a recent Saturday. The plan was to stay put until at least 500 people had cast a ballot in the Baltimore mayoral primary election.

This Old Map: Da Vinci’s City Plan, 1502: Perhaps the most common type of city map is the kind on Google Maps: a flattened out, “ichnographic” plan, where all buildings and features appear perfectly perpendicular to a single, aerial viewpoint. This unrealistic view allows newcomers to grasp a city’s entire layout, relative to its environs and the cardinal directions. In the era of GPS and aerial photography, creating an accurate ichnographic plan isn’t too difficult. But one such map, created by a famous Renaissance polymath, pre-dated airplanes and satellites by centuries.

The Simplest Way to Avoid Bad Street Design: Copy the Ones That Work: When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And when you’re a traffic engineer, it seems, everything looks like a highway.  If traffic engineers did not control the design of so many of our public spaces, this might not be a problem. But they do—and that’s especially true here in the U.S. Even when traffic engineers have the best intentions, too many simply lack the tools to make successful places. In the typical American city, asking a traffic engineer to design a walkable street is like asking a hammer to insert a screw.

Local Gov Confidential

Director of national intelligence says current NGA St. Louis facility in worst shape of any: Says feds anticipated Missouri, Illinios border battle over new site.

Two Key Players In Flint’s Water Crisis Died Last Week: The first woman who filed a lawsuit related to the water crisis was shot to death, and a Water Treatment Plant foreman died “suddenly” of unknown causes.

Chicago Will Be Getting A Massive New Climbing Gym: We have some good news for everyone who’s not afraid of heights: Chicago is getting a huge climbing gym.

Karyn Calabrese Opens Up About Her Vegan Empire’s Decline: “Now that I don’t have any money I still want to look cute. It’s who I am,” she tells Crain’s.

Photo: In 1905, Lake Shore Drive Was Thick With Horse And Buggies: This vintage photo was taken just before the automobile showed up and changed everything.

An Alderman Was Punched In The Face Outside His Office Last Night: Ald. Walter Burnett (27th) has a boxing background, but he’s still “disturbed” that his attacker took things so far.