It might be mid-spring and nearly 70 degrees here in the Middle West — oh, there is and a threat of tornadoes, but that is just another weeknight in #MoKan — but for some reason, my wife had a craving for Crockpot Chili. With all the randomness that is my evening, I thought today’s #MorningBuzz should honor all those random chili styles that I have prepared for my family. Because, well, I got nothing to lose. 


Right Now w/ Mike Ekey (Twitter / LinkedIn)

What I’m Listening to: KC’s own Vidalias.

What I’m Watching: Royals v. Angles.

What I’m Doing:  Managing expectations when it comes to musicians and a first-time music festival

What I Want to Know From You: What do you REALLY think of Cincinnati-style Chili?



Trump and Clinton win primaries on Tuesday: It would not be a Wednesday #MorningBuzz without some kind of wrap up from the primaries. Hope this does not cause too much indigestion for y’all.

In 1989 Hillsborough Stadium Disaster, Verdict Faults Police for 96 Victims ‘Unlawfully Killed’: More than a quarter century ago, 96 Liverpool soccer fans were crushed and trampled to death at an English soccer match, a tragedy that convulsed Britain and shocked the world, even as police and safety officials blamed victims for causing their own deaths. On Tuesday, a jury found that the fans who died during the match atHillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England, had been “unlawfully killed” and the victims of what proved to be fatal police mistakes, a verdict that represented a long-sought victory for family members who had fought for a full accounting.

90-Year-Old Former US Senator to Wed His 40-Year-Old Boyfriend Because Love Doesn’t Give a Fuck: The headline alone gives this story an amazing life of its own.

Why you should care about the proposed federal Email Privacy Bill: Well, because, to many, it is a total disaster.

College counselor: I’m sick of reading about golden kids getting into Harvard. Here’s the story I want to see.: #SpoilerAlert it’s not those overachievers we always see on the news.

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  • Andy Kuhn

    When ever you’re feeling good and hungry its Skyline Time. Cincinnati Chili is awesome (once or twice a year)