Today’s Buzz features car-free Sundays in Paris, transit’s role in reducing infant mortality, and Boeing’s state tax breaks. Today’s Buzz is hopefully still up and running despite being filled with weasels – if they can shut down the world’s most powerful particle collider, what can’t they do?

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The Senate Goes Home Without Funding Zika: Lawmakers are still split on how the administration’s viral offensive should be funded, and by how much.

Paris Introduces Car-Free Sundays: Banning vehicles from parts of the city—including the Champs Elysées—is part of an ongoing effort to curb pollution.



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Are ‘Innovation Districts’ Right for Every City? “Labeling something innovative does not make it so.”

Weasel Apparently Shuts Down World’s Most Powerful Particle Collider: A small mammal has sabotaged the world’s most powerful scientific instrument. Engineers investigating the mishap found the charred remains of a furry creature near a gnawed-through power cable.

Protest Turns Violent at Donald Trump Rally in Costa Mesa, CA: The unrest erupted outside an amphitheater where Mr. Trump was addressing several thousand supporters.

How Hillary Clinton’s positions have changed while running against Bernie Sanders: Sen. Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign is letting hundreds of staffers go this week, all but conceding the Democratic primary race to Hillary Clinton, and raising the question of whether she will change her electoral strategy now that she is effectively running unopposed.

Local Gov Confidential

How Columbus Is Using Transit to Reduce Infant Mortality: The city is hoping a new BRT line and smarter technology can help families access crucial services.

These States Don’t Want You to Get Solar Power: High legal barriers in 10 states make it especially difficult to put solar panels on rooftops.

How Horizon Air, the airline you didn’t know was based in Portland, is shaping PDX’s future: Horizon Air, Alaska’s regional carrier, quietly moved its senior leadership in 2014 to the Rose City, where it has long maintained planes, coordinated flights and trained pilots. Though it still calls Seattle its headquarters, Portland is Horizon’s operational and executive home base.

For first time, Boeing reveals state tax breaks: $305M in 2015: Boeing saved $305 million in state taxes last year thanks to Washington’s suite of aerospace tax incentives granted by lawmakers to keep the company building jets here.

King County Judge Makes Historic Judgment Against Washington State in Climate Change Case: A King County Superior Court judge has reversed a ruling that gave the Washington State Department of Ecology the opportunity to decide when to cut statewide greenhouse gas emissions.

Chicago House Party In Millennium Park Will Celebrate Frankie Knuckles And More: The weather is starting to get good, and you know what that means: Chicago is getting ready to party.