We are on the road and coming to you live from the Missouri City/County Managers Association conference at the Rio of the Midwest; the Lake of the Ozarks. We’ll be talking social media, community engagement, and Aggressive Truthiness (c) to a packed room of City Managers. You should follow along online at #MCMA16. But to honor this occasion, I am sharing with you some of my favorite PowerPoint pieces of clip art…

Right Now w/ Mike Ekey (Twitter / LinkedIn)

What I’m Listening To: Hurricane J – The Hold Steady 

What I’m Doing:  Putting together my presentation for the Missouri City Managers Association.

What I Want To Know From You: What is the worst advice you ever got from a consultant?



Ted Cruz has suspended his presidential campaign (presumably so he can get back to Zodiac Killing): I kid, I kid. But srsly, now both the Democrats and Republicans are down to two candidates each. Let’s just hope this race does not devolve in a bunch of elbow throwing… oh wait…

YOUTHS! A 10-year-old hacked Instagram and now has an extra $10,000 in walking around money.

A Construction boom in KC: The route along the new KC Light rail is experiencing an bit of a construction boom. who says public transportation is dead?

Mayor Pulls plans to consolidate Kansas City’s international airport: The plan required voters to approve the financing of the renovations. Following bleak poll numbers, the Mayor decided against the move.


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