Today’s Buzz features the latest campaign finance case before the Supreme Court, a look at what it is like to be a doctor for sport animals, and a dive into what makes Texas, Texas. The Buzz also features the totally real cause, not fake, Marvel Civil War and the best hits of the climatic battle.


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The Supreme Court’s Next Big Fight Over Money in Politics:At some point next year, the U.S. Supreme Court is likely to face a major First Amendment question: whether to overturn what remains of the 2002 McCain-Feingold Act. This measure prohibited political parties from raising “soft money”—unlimited funds that wealthy individuals, corporations, and labor unions could give to parties, thanks to a loophole in the post-Watergate campaign-finance laws. Such a ruling would allow political parties once again to take millions of additional dollars from donors who, as the Supreme Court found in 2003, use soft money to ingratiate themselves to election officials and secure access to them. How the Court rules is likely to determine whether the wealthiest donors will have an easier path to secure that access—and whether the rest of the country will suffer as a result.

What It’s Like to Be a Doctor for Sport HorsesMatthew Healey / Tufts University When the starting gates open at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday evening, 20 horses will erupt onto the track, straining their muscles and pounding their hooves into the dirt to reach the finish line. Propelling their half-ton bodies to speeds of nearly 45 miles an hour isn’t easy on their bodies. Though bred for stamina and speed, sport horses suffer many injuries—from torn ligaments to chipped bones—as a result of the work they do for humans. José García-López, the head of equine sports medicine and surgery at Tufts’s Hospital for Large Animals, helps all kinds of horses—racehorses, Olympic-medal hopefuls in dressage or jumping, and low-level amateurs’ mounts—stay injury-free.



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The Growing Movement for a U.S.-Mexico Border Bike Lane: As the crossing at San Ysidro-Tijuana undergoes a major expansion, advocates are pushing for more cycling infrastructure throughout the border zone.

Oregon occupation ‘reporter’ has history of bomb making, illegal weapons: Federal court records show Michael Emry once fashioned a powerful bomb and made five dozen illegal machine guns. He faces federal charges after his arrest in Grant County Friday.

Americans Wearing Flip Flops Cower in Fear of Math Terrorists on Planes: “Wherever there is number, there is beauty,” wrote the Byzantine philospher Proclus Diadochus in the 5th century, unaware how very wrong he was. According to the average plane-riding American, mathematics is now nothing but the Satanical scripture of olive-skinned terrorists.

When Pregnant Women Get Flu Shots, Babies Are Healthier: Babies are much less likely to get the flu in their first months of life if mom got a flu shot while she was pregnant, a study finds. Yet most expectant mothers don’t get immunized.

Is a Meritocracy Really What We Want? At first glance, a meritocratic vision is morally compelling, but upon closer scrutiny, its pursuit ends up legitimizing—and thus reinforcing—the very social and economic inequality it purports to rectify.

Assignment America: What Makes Texas Texas: People in this rapidly changing state believe their way of life is under attack, and they are making a kind of last stand by simply being Texan.

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Remember Your Rockaway: Growing up in Rockaway, Queens led me to the planning profession, just as home town experiences lead many students to city planning. It’s easy to forget why we became planners: we need to remember.

In Windermere Cup, UW crews race to easy wins in all four trophy races: UW’s varsity eight and second varsity eight boats, both men’s and women’s, all earned open-water wins on a warm, sunny morning that featured only a minimal breeze.

Uber and Lyft’s Austin battle over fingerprinting goes to the voters: Uber and Lyft’s Austin battle over fingerprinting goes to the votersCNNMoneyOn Saturday, voters in Austin, Texas will decide whether ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft are required to include fingerprinting in their driver background checks.

Ontario to Double Highway 401 Capacity in the Peel Region: A massive highway widening project will soon begin construction in the city of Mississauga, Ontario.