Celebrating Mother’s Day 2016

Celebrating Mother’s Day 2016

Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day by celebrating a few of the incredible women who have contributed to ELGL.

#ELGLWorkLife: Returning to Work After Childbirth by Marissa Grass

Promote local government as a family-friendly profession. This should include resources for current managers like training, webinars, and draft policy; and resources and networking opportunities for working parents.

#ELGLWorkLife: “To and Fro the Pendulum Throws…” by Rebecca Olson

As a mother of four, a volunteer for several non-profits, a child with aging parents with medical conditions, a wife and working full time – I am routinely doing things for others. It is important to remember to take care of yourself too. Do something you enjoy daily. Even if you have to sit on the counter in the bathroom reading a book with the door locked and the shower running so kids think you’re busy for 15 minutes – do it. I guarantee you will cherish those 15 minutes and that bathroom will become your special haven. (Not that I would know.)

#13Percent: Fight Like Hell Dammit, and Win! by Ashley JacobsCh8RhWDUkAAGl2y

My alma mater has a cheer that goes: “Fight like hell damnit, and win!”  I love that cheer.  It’s so satisfying to yell it from my seat.  It makes me feel like I’ve really done something; like I’ve personally lit a fire under my team to go out and slay our opponent.  It’s so energizing to me that I’ve adopted it as a slogan in my own personal campaign to beat the 13 percent.

GovLove: Glass Shattering Police Chiefs

This week’s episode of GovLove features two glass shattering police chiefs – women who are the first to serve in the police chief capacity in their cities. Chief Denise Turner leads the Gilroy, California Police Department. Chief Jeri Williams leads the Oxnard, California Police Department. This episode will make you laugh, will make you think, and will make you want to work for these two remarkable and inspiring chiefs.

#ELGLWorkLife: In It Together by Julie Underwood and Todd Fiala

The reality is that we have areas of our life that don’t get as much attention as we both would like. The area that could use much more time and attention is our health and wellness. Over the last year, we have made this a goal and continue to strive to squeeze 30 minutes of exercise three to four times a week. In addition, a healthy amount of sleep is a goal for us. We buy into all the studies that call for 7-8 hours of sleep (we’re both pretty cranky when we don’t get enough sleep); however, this is extremely difficult to achieve. When we need to trade-off how we spend our time, frankly, we take it from exercise and sleep.

Life as a City Manager’s Child with Will Norris, Long Beach (CA)

I do not remember too many perks associated with my mom’s job.  No fire engine rides or parades like a few others have mentioned (I’ll need to follow up with her now on why that was).  The best part was just growing up around other local government folks.  The field attracts friendly, interesting, and smart people. That was our circle of friends, which was a great environment to grow up in.

GovLove: The Stories Behind The Start-Up City with Leah Treat and Gabe Klein

Leah and Gabe discuss the intersection of their personal and professional lives. We learn during the podcast that Gabe will be adding a new addition to his family. With that, Leah provides insight into how she raised four children while maintaining a professional career.