Today’s Buzz answers questions like: Would you live in a retail shop? Should New York build a bridge for one day? Can George Zimmerman be a more terrible human being? To make all this craziness a little easier to digest one of my coworkers brought in a box of donuts from the local Amish bakery.

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What I’m Doing – Research on hung juries.

What I want to know from you – What is your favorite donut?

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We’re Buzzin’

The Ghosts of D.C.’s Zoning Code. These photos of homes that were once retail stores are fascinating. “Once you start to notice the ‘tells’ about these buildings, you see them everywhere,” says Jared Alves, a D.C. healthcare consultant who serves as commissioner of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) in northeast Capitol Hill. “It’s incredible—the amount of stores that have been lost and can’t be replaced.”

George Zimmerman is once again being a horrible person. He’s attempting to auction off the gun he used to shoot Trayvon Martin.

Does New York Need a Floating Pedestrian Bridge? This bridge would restore a link between Brooklyn and Governors Island, however it would only be used for one day.

The best donut shop in every state.


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The May Confidential: Citizens’ Academy

MCMA Roundup: Nextdoor, Live Streaming, Customer Service

Let’s Eat (Again): Supper Club Returns

Who Are You? with Claire Vanessa Goodwin, Town of Lexington, MA

Appycademy: Grade “A+” Engagement


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50 Nifty

Cities seek to regulate Airbnb to collect lodging taxes

City and state officials spread awareness of Zika virus

Is Wal-Mart Taking Advantage of Local Police Services?

Sun Belt Problems Come to New York City

What Can Looking at Visual Art Teach Us About Navigating a City?

Affordable housing provides a strong foundation for a community’s health, well-being and especially its children.


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Local Gov Confidential

FBI Director Says He Feels The ‘Pressure’ On Clinton Email Investigation. Comey says he feels “pressure” to do the investigation well and promptly, adding that “between those two things we will always choose well.”
San Francisco’s Superpublic: Cross-Discipline Working Space to Target City Challenges San Francisco’s new lab brings partners from academia, state and federal government, and the private sector to tackle such challenges as performance-based procurement and transportation.