Today’s Buzz features South Carolina’s cell-phone-using, social-media-posting inmates, and Trump’s “my taxes are none of your business” claims – today’s buzz is full of other none of your businesses. Enjoy!

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Why a housing scheme founded in racism is making a resurgence today: Beryl Satter knew something like this was bound to happen. Or, rather, to happen again. The Rutgers historian wrote the book on an obscure form of predatory lending from the mid-20th century that victimized black home buyers when banks would not lend them mortgages.


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50 Nifty

Sanders crashes into Democratic Party wall: The Vermont senator’s camp seethes over real and perceived slights from the party establishment.

Donald Trump on His Tax Rate: “It’s None of Your Business”: Donald Trump said Friday that he doesn’t believe voters have a right to see his tax returns, and insisted “it’s none of your business” when pressed on what tax rate he himself pays.

Here’s Exactly What The Administration Is Saying About Transgender Students: On Friday morning, the Obama administration issued a “Dear Colleagues” letter to the nation’s school districts spelling out what they can do to safeguard the civil rights of students at K-12 schools and colleges, based on their gender identity.

Donald Trump and the Twilight of White America: Racial resentment and economic anxiety are not separate forces. For many Trump supporters, they are inextricably linked.

Even While Sucking Down Fumes, Biking To Work Is Healthier Than Driving: The health benefits you get from a bike ride far outweigh the risks from breathing in the air that’s being polluted by the people who are not biking.

This is probably the biggest tax you pay. No one talks about it: The political debate over taxes often centers on income tax — a tax that gets increasingly larger for Americans who earn more money.

Local Gov Confidential

Cincinnati is top city for new grads: A national job-searching website has named Cincinnati the best city in the nation for new graduates to move to after college.

AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio in contempt of federal court, judge rules: A federal judge ruled that the Maricopa County lawman and three of his top aides violated a federal court order meant to curtail racial profiling in his agency, according to a ruling issued Friday.

FL Turtle survives after flying through woman’s windshield on I-4: A woman was “shell shocked” this week when a turtle flew through her car’s windshield while driving along I-4 in Deltona.

SC Prisons battle wave of social media posts, cell phone use by inmates: So far this year, 66 state inmates have been disciplined for creating or assisting on social media sites, despite a ban on cell phones inside prisons and a lack of inmate access to computers.