Today’s Buzz is a tribute to comic book artist Darwyn Cooke, who died this weekend of cancer.  He was only 53.  His art contained a life and a sense of wonder that I haven’t ever seen quite captured in the same way by anyone else.  He was a giant and will be missed by fans and creators alike.

The Spirit and the Rocketeer

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What I’m Reading: At Day’s Close: Night In Times Past by A. Roger Ekrich

What I’m Watching: Wallander Series 4 on Masterpiece Mystery

What I’m Doing: Struggling to sleep.

What I want to know from you: Do you ever have lucid dreams?  If so, how often?



Darwyn Cooke dies at 53′ Eisner Award-winning comic artist and writer: In 2012, comic illustrator and writer Darwyn Cooke took on the unenviable task of creating a prequel comic to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ classic graphic novel “Watchmen.” It was a tricky assignment but Cooke had an idea of how to best lengthen the series. He added the idea of hope.

Millennials Now Rival Boomers As A Political Force, But Will They Actually Vote?: The number of eligible millennial voters is now roughly on par with the number of eligible Baby Boomers. But, that potential has not translated into concrete votes yet.

One Man’s Decades-Long Quest to Draw Every Subway Station in New York: In the 59th Street station along the Lexington Avenue subway line in Manhattan, the 4 and 5 trains arrive every few minutes. Commuters rush in and out; there’s hardly a still moment on the platform. But right after the doors close and the train pulls away from the station, you might see a lone man still standing there, looking not down the tracks for the next train, but at the wall, sketching in a small notebook.

Celebrating the Remarkable Stories of Everyday Jobs: There are many books that promise to teach readers how to be exemplary employees and reap the benefits. They peddle hard-won wisdom from the boardroom or start-up incubator; they’re manuals for living a particular kind of life. Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work ($26, Penguin Press) is emphatically not that kind of book.

The Spirit


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The Flash

50 Nifty

Revisiting the Legacy of Robert Moses: A visit from the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to see Robert Caro, author of “The Power Broker,” provides a refresher on the works of Robert Moses and Caro’s writing.

The Show-Me-Your-Voter-ID State?: Thursday evening, the Missouri State House voted to send a referendum to the ballot that will ask citizens to amend the state constitution to require voters to show photo identification in order to cast a ballot. That measure is the second half of a two-part maneuver: Legislators previously passed a bill that governs how the requirement would be implemented, but thanks to a state supreme court decision ruling against a similar law in 2006, the Show Me State has to amend its constitution in order to create the requirement.

Feds Put Schools on Notice to Respect Transgender Rights: The Education and Justice Departments will send a letter Friday to every public-school district in the country notifying school administrators that discrimination against transgender students violates federal civil-rights law.

The Trinity

Smartphones Rule the Internet: Laptops aren’t exactly quaint yet, but we’ve officially reached the point in the mobile revolution when desktop Internet access is waning.

Settlement Could Slightly Improve Life For Mentally Ill Inmates In Illinois: The agreement could hopefully end the horror of solitary confinement for many.

The Minutemen (from Watchmen)

Local Gov Confidential

Chicago Could Get Its Very Own Beer Museum With An On-Site Bar: Does the Lucas Museum plan to have a house bar? With guest brewers? We didn’t think so.

Chicago’s Suburbs Have Lead In Their Water, Too: It might be wise to invest in a water filter.

Canoe rental companies along Ozark rivers could face new competitor: the state government: Canoe rental companies along the Current and Jacks Fork rivers in southern Missouri could face a new competitor: the state of Missouri.

Top Democrat in Senate departs, setting up rush to fill St. Louis seat: Senate Minority Floor Leader Joe Keaveny appointed as administrative law judge.

Legislature passes new restrictions on TIF incentives to developers: Cities could issue the tax breaks only for demolition and land clearance if TIF for the project is opposed by regional commissions.

Effort to rein in municipal courts en route to governor: Proposal targets fines for nuisance violations, a year after lawmakers tried to fix traffic fines.

Ferguson loses three more cases against protesters: They were charged with failure to comply. City has spent thousands prosecuting them.