Today’s Buzz is LIMITED COLLECTORS EDITION since I’m doing back to back issues!  I’ve gone ahead and dedicated this edition to the first man and dog in space, Col. Yuri Gagarin and Laika the dog.

Right Now w/ Ben DeClue (Twitter / LinkedIn)

What I’m Reading: Yuri Gagarin’s Wikipedia entry

What I’m Watching: The penultimate episode of The Flash Season 2

What I’m Doing: Examining physical challenges associated with the tear-down of a building here in Lebanon.

What I want to know from you: What is your favorite show currently on TV?


Meet the Avatars Helping to Plan Toronto’s Downtown: Introducing a group of 16 avatars meant to represent the people who live, work, and play in downtown Toronto.

Fruits and vegetables used to look so different you might not even recognize them: These days, we take the way our fruits and vegetables look for granted. When we’re kids, we learn that carrots are orange, bananas are yellow, and eggplants are big and purple. And that’s how we always think about them. But look back into history — not even that far back — and you’ll find that the fruits and vegetables we eat today were, well, they were pretty different.

Peek Through Time: Creamy chocolate cakes a favorite at Bill Knapp’s restaurants: Whatever their favorite menu item was, a “made-from-scratch” meal at a Bill Knapp’s restaurant brought people through the doors in droves.

Girls And Older Adults Are Missing Out On Parks For Recreation: A survey of parks in 25 major cities find that they’re used mostly by young children and teenage boys. Walking loops and other options that would appeal to women are in short supply.


Part V: Local Government Innovation in Seoul

Quick Survey: ICMA Coaching Program Developments

ELGL in Austin: Dispatches from the Texas Governing Leadership Forum

IV: Seoul’s Lump Sum Rental Structure

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50 Nifty

Historic Masonic Temple is in National Register of Historic Places: “It’s important to recognize the building’s history in order to be able to raise its public profile.”

Tiny home project aims to stabilize neighborhood, house Detroit homeless: About two blocks on the city’s northwest side will see around 20 tiny homes go in this year

More workers will be eligible for overtime pay under new rules: U.S. Department of Labor published new regulations. More employees will need to track their time on the job. Workers who make less than $47,500 will be eligible for overtime.

Freedom for a Girl Abducted by Boko Haram: The Nigerian army says one of the girls abducted in Chibok in 2014 by Boko Haram has been rescued.

Archaeology of the Undead: Twenty-seven thousand years ago, in a stone-age village fenced in by mammoth bones, three young people were buried together, their bodies covered by burnt spruce logs and branches. A woman, disfigured perhaps by some congenital abnormality, was placed in the middle. To her left, a man was laid prone, his face in the dirt. To her right, another man had his hands angled awkwardly onto her groin, where red ochre, a pigment with ceremonial significance, was sprinkled. A thick wooden pole was driven through this man’s own groin and thigh, pinning him to the ground.

Local Gov Confidential

Missouri lawmakers endorse restrictions to public records: Access limits would be placed on some police videos, agricultural information and criminal records.

Mizzou graduate assistants sue the university, want recognition for union: The Coalition of Graduate Workers filed a lawsuit on Wednesday.

Vandals are building debris piles on railroad tracks: Authorities believe the suspects are trying to damage the trains

St. John officials hope to turn abandoned homes over to rehabbers: The city has at least 16 of what officials call ‘third-strike houses’ that are on ‘the tax collector’s post-third tax sale list,’ an official said.

Chesterfield hires firm to help in search for new administrator: The city is replacing Mike Herring, who retired on March 31 after serving the city for all of its 28 years.

Why smart kids shouldn’t use laptops in class: For the past 15 years, educators have debated, exhaustively, the perils of laptops in the lecture hall. Professors complain that laptops are distraction machines; defenders say that boring classes are to blame — students have always doodled or daydreamed, so what’s the difference that they’re browsing Facebook instead?