This week has been spent running from one meeting to another, both during and after work. It’s been hectic. It’s been stressful. I feel like I need a time machine so I can have more hours in the day. It’s also been really productive, and I’ve met a lot of awesome new people. So here’s to celebrating a successful, crazy, get things done kind of week- with my favorite guys of course.

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Right Now With Emily Morrison (LinkedIn, Twitter)

What I’m Listening To– Childish Gambino…my guilty pleasure.

What I’m Doing – Deciphering several legal pages of scribbled notes.

What I want to know from you – What win are you celebrating this week?

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We’re Buzzin’

4.2 Million More American Workers Are Now Guaranteed Overtime Pay. The Department of Labor just finalized a new rule extending income-based overtime protections for the first time since 2004. Starting December 1, if someone earns less than $47,476 per year, they will automatically be guaranteed time-and-a-half, no matter their job description.

An Illustrator Turns Hellish Subway Commutes Into a Hilarious Graphic Novel. Williamsburg Shorts explores a rapidly changing neighborhood through the eyes of a stressed-out subway passenger.


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Upcoming ELGL Events

May 19 – GOVERNING Magazine: Texas Leadership Forum in Austin, TX

May 19 – Technology Efficiency Series: Canva at anymeeting.com/elglwebinar

May 25 – Bang the Table: Community Engagement With Matt Crozier at anymeeting.com/elglwebinar

June 16 – Technology Efficiency Series: Trello  at anymeeting.com/elglwebinar

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50 Nifty


Local Gov Confidential

The Complex Relationship Between Data and Cities There’s been no shortage of hype about the relationship between cities and data, especially so-called big data. For large numbers of tech companies, cities, and even a growing number of urbanists, data promises to solve all manner of urban problems, from predictive policing to improving traffic flow to promoting energy efficiency.