Supplemental Reading for GFOA 2016

Supplemental Reading for GFOA 2016

Live from the GFOA Conference in Toronto? Sort of, a number of our individual and organizational members are attending. We compiled this little briefing for those attending or watching from afar.  Follow the action at #GFOA2016 and by following Twitter accounts GovSense and GFOA President.

Podcast: Talking Finance with Marc Gonzales, Incoming GFOA President

(Note: Listen for the ELGL drop during Marc’s comments at the conference)

Hail to the Chief: Heather Johnston, GFOA President

Podcast: Annual vs. Biennial Budget Smackdown

Webinar & Article: Program Costing with Shayne Kavanagh, GFOA

Keynote Speaker: On the Public Record with Richard Florida, The Atlantic

GovSense Featured on Tech Tuesday

“Unique, Relevant, and Timely” – GFOA Highlights ELGL

ELGL Featured by Washington Finance Officers Association