Today’s #MorningBuzz is dedicated to The City Council Chronicles, a acerbic blog that offers a hot slice of City Council commentary everyday. On Tuesday, The City of Raymore got the royal treatment on one of our banner meetings and, frankly, the new point-of-view is pretty spot on… I mean, who wouldn’t love to see their Mayor taking body shots in the presidential suite of the Bellagio hotel. Check it out: The City Council Chronicles.

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Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to visit Cuba: Gov. Jay Nixon will lead a delegation of Missourians on a trade mission to Cuba from Sunday to June 1, is office announced Tuesday.

Report: Baylor regents fire Ken Starr over sexual assault crisis:Baylor president Kenneth Starr, and not football coach Art Briles, is taking the fall for school’s handling of the ongoing crisis of how the school has handled allegations of sexual assault and domestic violence involving Baylor football players.

Wave of bomb threats hit school nationwide: A wave of threats directed at schools across the nation forced authorities to lock down buildings or evacuate students. The threats, which appear to be driven by automated calls, have been directed at elementary, middle and high schools in states across at least four time zones.

FDNY / NYPD Football Game Devolves Into Fisticuffs: Members of the NYPD and FDNY football teams were supposed to line up and shake hands after playing in the “Fun City Bowl” (a charity game) this weekend. Instead, because everyone involved is very big and tough, there was a shoving match and some punches thrown and a lot of yelling.

Cliven Bundy’s Lawyer Tried to Get the Koch Brothers to Pay 19 Militia Idiots’ Legal Fees: Oregon Public Broadcasting has obtained an email from Cliven Bundy’s lawyer to a Utah state representative with known ties to the Koch brothers, asking whether the notorious libertarian billionaires would be willing to fund the Bundys’ legal fees.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 4.17.37 PMUpcoming ELGL Events

May 25 – Bang the Table: Community Engagement With Matt Crozier at anymeeting.com/elglwebinar

June 1 – 10 Rules for Great City Websites With Luke Fretwell at anymeeting.com/elglwebinar

June 15 & 16 – GOVERNING Summit on Leadership & Innovation at Seelbach Hotel, Louisville KY

June 16 – Technology Efficiency Series: Trello  at anymeeting.com/elglwebinar

June 21 to 24 – Association of Washington Cities Conference  at Edward D. Hansen Conference Center, Everett WA

June 22 to 24 – WCMA & ILCMA Summer Conference at The Abbey, Fontana WI

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