Blessed are they who read a Morning Buzz from me twice in one week!  For the second week in a row, I bring you an encore presentation. Every week I watch “The Americans” and have always loved its opening credits sequence.  Therefore, today’s Buzz takes a look at monuments in the former Soviet Union and, as usual, the latest news.

The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman

Right Now w/ Ben DeClue (Twitter / LinkedIn)

What I’m Reading: The Big Uneasy, an article in the New Yorker

What I’m Watching: The Americans

What I’m Doing: Gearing up for Memorial Day weekend of course!

Conquerors of Space monument at Cosmonaut Alley


It’s not just Hiroshima: The many other things America hasn’t apologized for: President Obama will become the first sitting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, but he is not expected to apologize for the 1945 nuclear bomb. What else has America not apologized for?

Mysterious Cave Rings Show Neanderthals Liked To Build: Deep in a French cave, researchers have found numerous ovals of broken stalagmites. They believe the rings were arranged by ancient Neanderthals.

Why Americans don’t trust government: I have an op-ed in the Boston Globe today on infrastructure, addressing the issue of quality rather than quantity of investment. Rachel Lipson, a graduate student at Harvard, and I describe the fiasco that has emerged from what should have been a routine maintenance project on the Anderson Memorial Bridge over the Charles River next to my office in Cambridge. Though the bridge took only 11 months to build in 1912, it will take close to five years to repair today at a huge cost in dollars and mass delays.

Monument to the Revolution of the people of Moslavina, Podgarić, Croatia

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The Great Patriotic War Memorial in Kiev, Ukraine

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50 Nifty

Why Subways in the Northeast Are So Troubled: The subways in Boston, New York and Washington need billions of dollars to replace old infrastructure and to meet rising demand. In the meantime, riders are bracing for the worst.

Peter Thiel, Tech Billionaire, Reveals Secret War With Gawker: The PayPal co-founder, outed as gay in a 2007 Gawker Media blog, says his financing of a suit against the company was not motivated only by revenge.

In Historic Hiroshima Visit, Obama To Push For Nuclear-Free World: The city is now synonymous with the deadly nuclear age that began there more than seven decades ago. White House officials stress that Obama will not apologize for the bombing.

The Trump-Clinton Gender Gap Could Be The Largest In More Than 60 Years: If recent skirmishes between the two candidates are any signal, gender will factor heavily into their attacks — and that could potentially widen the gap even more.

A statue of Lenin in Revolution Square in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

O’Keeffe Museum Acquires Rarely Seen Work By The Famed Artist: An atmospheric image of barns in Lake George, N.Y., is joining the collection at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, N.M. The painting reveals a lesser-known genre of the artist’s work.

Has Portland Lost its Way?: Oregon’s poster child for livable planning is embroiled in new controversies over destructive growth, skyrocketing prices, and back-room cronyism.

A relief from the Soviet Military cemetery in Warsaw, Poland showing workers greeting soldiers

Was the Invention of Finance Responsible for Democracy?: Athens is most famous as the birthplace of democracy. Although the development of Athenian political institutions has long been the subject of study, the economic foundation of democracy has attracted less interest until recently.

A Trump-Sanders Debate?: It could be yuuuuuuuuuge.

Lenningrad Hero City Obelisk in Saint Petersburg

Local Gov Confidential

Chicago Public Schools Faces Devastating Cuts Next Year: Looks like more layoffs, increased class sizes, and an even further shrinking of already undersized resources are all on the way.

Rahm will probably use TIFs on the Old Main Post Office and Rezko Village: He hasn’t said he will, but don’t let that fool you. With the steady upswing in the real estate market—and downtown properties fetching record sales prices—Mayor Emanuel’s getting ready for one of his favorite activities: giving your tax dollars to developers.

Residents Blast Lake Bluff Development Height: Scant information exists on a proposal submitted May 16 to develop Lot 3 in downtown Lake Bluff but a group of more than 30 residents living in the vicinity know what they do not want.

Kirkwood admits missteps as Vianney stands firm in dispute over field lighting: A dispute continues over construction of the $1.5 million turf field, which wrapped up in March in time for spring baseball but before Kirkwood approved the site plan.

Gift cards, wedding presents, shampoo: State audit finds more than $100,000 of iffy spending by ex chief of Fox schools: District credit card spending occurred even as Dianne Critchlow was paid $267,000 salary.

Vinita Park and Vinita Terrace poised to tie the knot: Voters in two communities could weigh in on consolidation as early as November election.

Ferguson city attorney, target of protesters in recent months, resigns position: City Attorney Stephanie Karr announced her resignation Monday in a letter, saying that the “decision is mine alone.”

Missouri delegation pushing for national historic site in Ste. Genevieve: Oldest permanent settlement in Missouri

The Motherland Calls in Volgograd, Russia